Gran Turismo 5 versus Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Stunning HD Screenshot Comparison

GB writes: "Gran Turismo 5 has seen numerous delays, so many of them that we all have lost count. The latest delay I hope will be the last of all. There have been rumors that the game might slip in to 2011, but I really trust Sony in pushing GT5 in Deceember, since there are really no big games for the PlayStation 3 this holiday season. So how much has Gt5 improved over the Prologue version which was released couple of years."

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Rrobba2755d ago ShowReplies(6)
Jaybad542755d ago

For the love of god give us a release date!

Pacman3212754d ago

Hopefully its November 31st as ive heard....
...i doubt it though.....

Jaybad542754d ago

I doubt it because november 31st doesnt exist :P

Antan2755d ago

What a dreadful "article"........... .I'm all for GT and all that, but good lord.......

Oner2755d ago

I stopped reading after

"Gran Turismo 5 has seen numerous delays, so many of them that we all have lost count."

The amount of misinformation in the VERY first sentence made me instantly close the tab in Chrome.

NBT912754d ago

Althought the point of it is to show the growth in visuals between Prolouge and GT5... Which since we're on the subject is (IMO) not a big difference. However the difference is in GT5 having OVER 9000!!! (sorry) times the content of GT5:P.

Motion2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Maybe, the author has trouble counting past 1, maybe 2. Or perhaps the memory of a goldfish?

poindat2755d ago

Hahaha, the screenshots aren't even close to being similar. How the website believes in any way that this is a "comparison" is beyond me. They just took a random shot from Prologue and a random shot from GT5 and put them over each other. Fail.

That being said, I still looked closely at all of the screenshots because GT is just that beautiful. :)

frostypants2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

What more do you expect from "Gamingbolt"? They promise to give you a "bolt of gaming now". Did you not feel the bolt of gaming they provided?

Yes. It's a horrible, horrible site.

Genecalypse2755d ago

Holy shit, that looks great

slate912755d ago

Good shit. I can't wait until I get my PS3 for christmas. Had it 3 times before but I think I will stick with it this time with all of the beautiful exclusives PS3 dishes out.

Redrum0592755d ago

why would you sell your ps3 in the first place???
to be honest, i wouldv still been enjoying my 360 if it hadnt been stolen.
now instead i use my nephews when i have the chance.

slate912755d ago

Ehh I don't know, just always preffered 360 so I just sold it on ebay for a profit. But Im definately keeping mine this time around. I need both systems in my life

RevXM2754d ago

How could you possibly make profit if it, if you sell it just to BUY it all over again?

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