Two New Towns Added to MapleStory

Maple Story, the free MMORPG on the PC, is set to receive an update and two new towns, Mu and Herb Town, as announced via press release.

"Nexon America Inc. (, the U.S. division of Asia's leading online games company Nexon Group, injects its blockbuster game MapleStory with two new towns to explore, the mountain village of Mu Lung and the seaside Herb Town. New Leaf City, one of the Maple World's most popular areas, will also receive a Free Market so players may buy and sell goods. This latest update to the diverse Maple World encourages more players to login and learn why MapleStory is a global phenomenon."

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taz80804122d ago

Aside from being free this game also provides alot of content, both paying and free. I know people that have been playing htis for years and have spent thousadns of dollars on it, in buying accessories and stuff. so dont let free fool you. i never really got past level ten and making one character but it was fun.