Kinect for Xbox 360 in-stock at Amazon at launch

Microsoft Corp.’s new Kinect hardware with Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 held an in-stock status at Inc. at launch.

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divideby02789d ago

as I have commented as soon as we read about early sellouts

there are no constrained parts for Kinect.... there will be ample supply, so you have to wait a week or 2... no biggie

Shaka2K62789d ago Show
Vip3r2789d ago

The only thing that has sold out is MS's credibility.

Anon19742789d ago

So much for Amazon, bestbuy, Game, Gamestop, etc...etc... selling out of Kinect. As I had commented before, these "Kinect selling out" articles were completely meaningless considering we had no idea what the stock allocations would be like.

turnerdc2788d ago

Note on Availability
This item is in high demand and supplies from the manufacturer are limited. We expect the availability to fluctuate over the coming weeks. Click here to see console bundles with the Kinect sensor included, currently available to order

SpinalRemains1382789d ago

Jesus, theres 94 of em available through Amazon as of right now - 6:51 pm.

Sold out my arse.

Typical lies by Micro$oft. Lies lies lies lies lies