Screw Kinect Reviews; Here’s What People Think

It’s all well and good that reviewers think Kinect is a flawed look at the future, or a potentially revolutionary motion control that you don’t need right now. But ultimately, Kinect is a brand new console, and like any other, its longevity will be determined by ordinary users. With the disclaimer that Microsoft’s target audience — people who watch Oprah — probably aren’t venting on Internet forums, here are some quick Kinect reactions from the common folk thus far.

“Only a very limited Kinect portal is available for control, which is lame. When seeing the update for Xbox live, I thought for sure this update was to facilitate Kinect in creating a Minority Report-Type interface. This interface is simply not available.” - dolphtesla, Reddit

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Omega42483d ago

"i have no space in my room ( about 5 feet or less between me and Kinect and only about 3 feet wide) I haven’t had but 1 issue." That's certainly good news for people will small rooms.

But this comment is really interesting:
“I have played Joy Ride sitting down. Yeah, I was standing up to start the game, but after starting the game, I sat down and it played well."

I wonder if any reviewers actually tried joyride sitting down too.

FriedGoat2483d ago

Who wants to play a mediocre game sitting down anyway?

GamingGamer2483d ago Show
Mr_Bun2483d ago

There you are Omega....I was wondering where you were hiding. Haven't seen you in any of the 2/10 or 4/10 articles. Guess you didn't see those, huh?

darthv722483d ago

I should try playing killzone standing up? Will that make it better friedgoat?


Longrod_Von_Hugendon2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

So when the reviews don't fall in your favor screw 'em!

Sez 2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

don't sonyfanboys say the exact samething when a review doesn't go their way. only exception here is xbox owner aren't saying "x gaming site is bias" or " it's a sony paid site"

here a few examples for ya

Killed4Less2483d ago

ahhh and here you are Mr Bun doing your trolling thing again.. Oh and you brought the usual comedy troop with you!

Vega: don't bother pointing out their hypocrisy just point and laugh.. and then spit on them in public..

Raikiri2483d ago

Idk what reviews you have been reading but from all the reviews ive read its not suffering from Massive LAG/glitches or inaccuracy issue's rather MINOR Inaccuracy..

i have it myself and i can say i haven't experienced any lag or glitches only minor inaccuracy's.

HolyOrangeCows2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

You just cited reviews that everyone criticized for releasing before the servers even opened up.

Nice try, though.
Keep trolling. Maybe one day you'll convince the world that Ps3 fanboys are worse than xbox fanboys. day....

number472483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


Thanks for playing.

PS3 fans complain when sites like Edge/Eurogamer/GamesRadar, flop the games to bring down the metacritic score when all other sites are praising the game. You can quantify PS3 bias easily. Xbox fans complaining about bias would be a site to be seen.

kancerkid2483d ago

Nice blog, @numbers. Maybe I will use that as a source for my dissertation. /s

Maybe you should take a statistics class before citing something and not knowing what it means.

Army_of_Darkness2482d ago

your defending joy ride, but it also sounds like you didn't even purchase kinect considering how you had to use a quote from someone else rather than from your own experience?!?!

Perjoss2482d ago

"Who wants to play a mediocre game sitting down anyway?"

you're right i guess, I played Haze and Resistance 2 standing up.

acedoh2482d ago

what one review may say over the other. If you are interested in the product try it out. If you like it then buy it. That is what the consumer is going to do. By January most people who have tried the Kincet will either like it or hate it.

Fan Tastic2482d ago

Nice to see that blog point out what gamers have noticed for a long time. Money talks and we know whose pocket Edge is in. A shame MS keeps pooring money into everythig aside from actual hardware quality.

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plb2483d ago

engadget tried joyride sitting down and said it didn't work.

lowcarb2483d ago

Yeah he tried it but then later adjusted his lighting because it was to bright in his room. The best thing to do is try it yourself and be your own judge.

bviperz2483d ago

They said they tried it sitting down in various lighting conditions and it still needed them to stand up. So on, it does not work sitting down according to Engadget.

feelintheflow2482d ago

I looked at your link and the actual review, where does it say they tried it sitting down in all different lights and it didn't work? Maybe I missed something, no really maybe I did, not trying to be a troll.

Biggest2482d ago

Why do you have to change the lighting in your gaming room to make something work? I understand making changes to enhance the experience, but making changes for basic function sounds stupid.

bviperz2482d ago

No worries. Right at the start of his review for Kinect Joy Ride (towards the end, sorry the video doesn't give a time elapsed), he say's,

" know you'd love to do a racing game sitting down, it doesn't detect you, in fact it needs you to stand up to use this. We tried it sitting down, various lighting conditions, um, it just doesn't like it, it wants you to stand up.."

n4gno2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

XFanboyz are hilarious, always finding dumb excuses, ignoring the poor reviews, and happy for the good ones (even when it come from others ms employees), of course, they doi the opposite with ps3 stuffs, pathetic :)

"bububu the light, bububu"

just check the reviews, and not only the one from xbox official magazine and other employees/ fanboyz blogs ! ("professional reviews" LOL)

"Being that all move needed to do was copy what nintendo was doing and then tweak it a bit"

yeah sure, eyetoykinect say hello (and 2000 tech demo also !) poor delusional dumb fanboy.

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Wikkid6662483d ago

The play space has a lot to do with the size of the people playing. I'm 6ft and I need minimum of 7ft away from the sensor.

So a small person could easily get away with around 5 to 6ft.

When it comes to space requirements. People have to remember that it's 3D. So you need space all around you not just in front.

OtherWhiteMeat2483d ago

Soooo Omega4 is a midget????

Killed4Less2483d ago

I'm 5'11 and I've had no problems at 4ft away.

Camera placement can also effect it.

iPad2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Didn't people say that Kinect was gonna score higher than MOVE?

Now that it didn't, people are saying don't listen to the Kinect reviews?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?!

Mr_Bun2483d ago

Actually, they are falling back on the "it will sell zillions more than move" line.

PHOSADRA2483d ago

Kinect was just released...
New things tend to be fun...but they also create an illusion

Ever get a new toy Christmas day and play with it for hours...
Only to realize later that it actually wasn't that good?

Many people will play this for a while before they start to care about things such as lag and accuracy.

KingME2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I looked at the Move reviews and they are actually pretty close to being the same. And there is a lot more going on with connect than with move.

Being that all move needed to do was copy what nintendo was doing and then tweak it a bit, Move should have been score straight 10s across the board.

Additionally, Kinect has only been out for a day you are already judging review scores not even 24 hours into the life cycle. Get a life. and stop trolling.

It's amazing what jealous makes a person do.

One more thing Ipad - one person writing an article doesn't constitute "everyone say ignore kinect reviews". Don't be such a drama queen.

frostypants2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

"Being that all move needed to do was copy what nintendo was doing and then tweak it a bit, Move should have been score straight 10s across the board."

Being that all Kinect had to do was copy what Sony was doing 10 years ago and tweak it a bit, Kinect should have been straight 10s across the board.

See? I can do it too!

Move is as big an improvement over Wii as Kinect is over the EyeToy...if not bigger.

And Move is the only one that can handle non-casual stuff. Which is why Microsoft is already backpedaling and making plans to introduce controllers to Kinect games. Thereby making it little more than a less accurate version of Move.

I wouldn't buy either one right now though, honestly.

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Scary692483d ago

@Gaming Gamer

I agree I am not sure what people are looking at but this thing is not even worth the buy. IGN just gave it a 7.5 and only the delusional morons are hyping it to be something it really isn't. MS spend so much money advertising this junk that really I don't see it selling much. Lets just hope MS gets busy making games for the 360 rather then worry about this crap.

Anton Chigurh2483d ago

Relax My fellow PS3 gamer and you should understand that people have different opinions.