Braben: Kinect as accurate as control pad

Kinect is every bit as accurate as a traditional controller, if not more so, claims Kinectimal's David Braben.

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FunAndGun2478d ago

I think this dudes been dosing with large cat tranquilizers.

Agent-862478d ago

Funny line...bubbles ups for you. "Kinect is every bit as accurate as a traditional controller, if not more so." This was one of the most asinine statements that I have ever seen.

bviperz2478d ago

As asinine as the Kinect doesn't lag, humans do?

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morganfell2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Is there a kinect other than the one I have seen?

Edit: At least there is a 3 way...........comparison.

NewsForMe2478d ago

Even a Kinect fanboy couldn't keep a straight face after that one.

TechnicalBS2478d ago

Maybe it's not as accurate, but these arguments are as pointless as comparing keyboard and mouse to a controller. A controller may not be as accurate, but gaming on a controller is just as fun, if not more so.. opinions may vary on that, though.

Although not as accurate as the Move because there's an actual controller, it's the games that will make it count as a worthy purchase. As of now, there's one good game on the Kinect, maybe? I don't but we'll have to see how developers will come up with ideas for the Kinect and hopefully implement it to a killer game. I'll wait and hold judgement on the Kinect for now.

zeddy2478d ago

was that 500 million ad money or bribe money?

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voodoopickle2478d ago

We didnt really expect the guy who made the game to come out and say that the kinect sucks, but please buy my game still

blackburn52478d ago

Has he tried Fighters Uncaged or Joyride yet? Obviously not.