Attention: Enslaved Does Not Deserve To Be Ignored

Maybe multiplayer really is taking over the world. Maybe Namco's advertising budget for the game wasn't anywhere near high enough. Maybe it shouldn't have released on the same day as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. ...or maybe some gamers have simply passed on the game for various, somewhat vague, reasons.

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gillri2783d ago

I thought it sold ok in the UK and got to no.7 in the charts, not as bad as people are saying

the problem is the US, I doubt they will buy it over there at all

Tachyon_Nova2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Yeah its opening week was ok but after 2 weeks it droppede to 30th or around there in the UK, thats the problem.

The game doesnt deserve to be ignored, but it doesn't in my opinion deserve all of the praise it is getting.

Edit: Oh, and based on VGChartz data, the game has sold more or less the same in Europe + Others as it has in Americas, so its no entirely their fault.

N311V2782d ago

I agree, based on the praise it was receiving I expected the game to be great. Unfortunately I was disappointed, the combat was fine and simple platforming didn't bother me but the story was a let down. Started great then was fairly boring for most of the game until it picked up again towards the end. Graphically it wasn't up to par either.

Godmars2902783d ago

Other games came out when it did and it offers nothing new in game play.

Ninja Theory and their defenders need to deal.

jc485732783d ago

I did get the game for $35, so I did my part already.

clank5432782d ago

I rented it, and then returned it. That ending was one of the absolute worst in recent history. What on earth were they thinking? They make a whole game about these characters that you really start to care about and then the ending is just, blah. It felt like they thought they needed a twist in the story, so they just threw one in at the last cutscene. Fair game, horrible ending, abysmal sales. I don't think Ninja Theory knew what they had when they exclusively dealt with Sony.

BlackSpartan1872781d ago

That what they get for dissing the PS3, and that Devil May Cry garbage they working on will suck also.