World of Warcraft: Back to Basics!

Several key pvp and gameplay mechanics have recently been implemented into World of Warcraft along with several pre-release events and interaction. How has this affected the current state of World of Warcraft and what can we look forward to with the December release of Cataclysm?

We catch up with LJCaboose, long-time WoW player, as well as our leader in MMO coverage at Semper Cognatio.

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kdogdaddy2816d ago

Some interesting points raised, particularly regarding pvp content.

Chris3992816d ago

That said, Resilience was a terrible mistake that should really just be removed from the game.

If they're worried about skill PVP/ PVE balance, just do a Guild Wars and assign them separate uses based upon situation (PVP/ PVE). It's much easier than trying to balance a skill to be fair for both situations.

Losi2816d ago

Agreed. The changes already implemented, along with the ever expanding and planned content changes in Cataclysm should do well at revamping and breathing even more energy into the gaming giant we all know as World of Warcraft.

LJCabo2se2816d ago

Blizz is going all out on this exp.

Pennywise2816d ago

All out... reusing the lands laid out. Reusing skins for weapons and gear. Reusing instances. Blizz has always reused textures and stuff... things always felt lazy on that aspect, but this expansion is blizzards wet dream with reusing stuff.

Don't get me wrong. I will be playing it, but all out would be new lands, new instances, new major cities. NEW CLASSES (GOD 1 new class since release and they couldnt even give that class levels 1-54).

tejanse2816d ago

I don't thinking changing up the PvP fundamentals will encourage new subscriptions. The main barrier to new players is the now 80 levels of grind.

In other news, pumpkin milkshakes are back at McDonald's and gawd are they delicious.

Losi2816d ago

Completely unrelated yet so true!

With that said, the "grind" of WoW is minimal compared to most other MMO's.

sempercog2816d ago

Try playing Aion...the grind in that game was exponentially higher than WoW by tenfold!

Pumpkin milkshakes are the bomb!

TomSawyer1872816d ago

I just started playing again after being out of the World for 4 years and I have to say the "grind" is not that bad anymore. It's really easy to get groups for dungeons and what not. Looking forward to December!!

kdogdaddy2816d ago

I played Aion for 8 months, and compared to Aion, WoW is a breeze with great support and amazingly easy to get into dungeons and instances, etc.

Raf1k12816d ago

It's rediculously easy to level up now compared to how it used to be. You don't even need to do many quests as you can level through dungeons quite easily. I did Hellfire Ramparts on my fully rested DK yesterday 3 times and it got me from 60 to 62 with heirlooms.

a08andan2816d ago

I wish they would introduce new classes instead of adding new races :/ I want some innovative classes and just not the standard ones.

sempercog2816d ago

New classes would help substantially to the game and new players. I guess the changes in Cataclysm will have to suffice for now.

Nintenuendo2816d ago

They introduced a new class (The Death Knight) in the last expansion, and for the first few patches it was balancing nightmare. And even though I love my DK, I wouldn't want to go through those growing pains again any time soon.

a08andan2816d ago

Well I wouldn't call that a new class exactly. It was just a different type of character but in its core, you were just given a character with a different look but same mechanics as the others, just different names for it. With "death-grip" as an exception. But a completely new class? No way.

Brawler2816d ago

The Death Knight mechanics are very different from other melee classes due to its unique Rune System no other melee class has anything close to that.

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