Hardcore Kinect Games Coming In 2011, Says Microsoft

UK Microsoft marketing chief Stephen MCGill has said in an interview that we can expect hardcore Kinect games to appear in 2011: “We have announced things, at the Tokyo Game Show, a whole raft of titles aimed specifically at that core gamer. We’ll see more of those in 2011.”

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Lou-Cipher2695d ago

Kinect cannot do Core gaming.

Without accuracy, hardcore cannot exist.

I dont care if Halo/World of Warcraft/Gears of War/StarCraft 2 is on Kinect, they would not be considered hardcore without an accurate way to control them.

darthv722695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

It is up to the creativity of the developers how they would integrate kinect functions with the game. Chances are it would not be a straight up kinect ONLY game though.

I got nothing against the idea of the "you are the controller" campaign because I know that is geared towards newcomers. I have known from the beginning that there would be combo games.

What would be neat to see is just how far a developer could take the kinect experience without the need of the controller. Dance central is a follow the leader game and the sports games are simplistic family fun.

The unit has so much potential that people are just not wanting to see past the whole "eyetoy" comparison. If anything, people need to take that comparison and direct it to the live vision camera. THAT is the eyetoy equivalent.

3 types of games for the 360. Controller, kinect and soon controller & kinect. For now it is just an option like move is to the ps3. Until they can create a necessity for it, where it would no longer be an option but a requirement, I can see the skepticism in the product as being justified.

There are better things to come. That is always the case when it comes to games. Just have to have faith.

JackBNimble2695d ago

I'm curious , if kinect uses a controller will it be the 360 controller, or will they come up with some kind of wand like thing.......hmmm.

fooltheman2695d ago

without hands..I think the purpose of kinect gets lost

plb2695d ago

Maybe by hardcore they meant that Milo and Kate pedo game

TreMillz2695d ago

Expect Kinectimals: Razor Sharp Claws Edition in 2011....

vhero2695d ago

Yep more of this coming in 2011

Kinect can't do hardcore..

ConanOBrien2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"Without accuracy, hardcore cannot exist."

Gamepad,Keyboard,Mouse > Wiimote,Move > Kinect

G,K,M are true controllers for the core gamers

Dno2695d ago

Wiimote better then move? move does everything the wiimote does and better but the wiimote does not do everything the move does.....
if anything it Move=Wiimote at least......

Agent-862695d ago

Actually, I'd put the order as:

Keyboard/Mouse > Gamepad > Move > Wiimote > Kinect

ChickeyCantor2695d ago

"Without accuracy, hardcore cannot exist. "

Brrrr....people like you make me believe there is this cult or something.


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TheTwelve2695d ago

"We're going to come out and say it: Microsoft is going to release a Move-style controller for the Kinect within a year or so." ---Ars Technica

They HAVE to in order to reach the hardcore. "You are the controller" is a gimmick for the general masses.


-Alpha2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Yup, agree with this, they WILL release a controller for the core games, and hopefully that will bring some cool games from Kinect. MS knows this.

Edit: Oh snap, just saw the article on the hybrid controller

pocketaces112695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Kinect can't succeed on it's own especially for hardcore games with-ought a peripheral.

Wow sorry that's kind of trollish but had to be said.

Anyways not impressed tried it at the store quite boring if you ask me. Again as others have said it's a choice luckily I don't own an xbox played my broth-in-laws many times enjoyed a few of the exclusives but don't have enough time as I have to much to play on PS3 including sports champions which is lots of fun when you give it a sec and you can control where you want to ping pong to go really well.

@ Alphakennybody
I agree but it is the word going around and that it's already in the works but seeing that they still have not added blue-ray I agree with you. I just don't know if they have a choice if they want to sell the units.

I truly thought Kinect would just fly off the shelves (not that it's not) and that as usual people would just blindly buy whatever they put out but maybe just maybe with these reviews and people actually having poor experiences maybe Karma will finally catch up with them

alphakennybody2695d ago

But that destroys the whole campaign of kinect. you are the controller! MS is too proud of themselves too admit it won't work on a core game without a controller. I don't see a controller add-on coming anytime soon.

Rrobba2695d ago

I read 'Hardcore Kinect Games Coming In 2011' so I got really excited, then I read 'Says Microsoft' and now I'm full of doubt.

yourfather2695d ago

well,we already know this from TGS 2010

slate912695d ago

M$ has said this over and over again since the announcement of Kinect. Hybrid controls with shooters and other genres will bring Kinect to hardcore titles. And some hardcore titles will be complete controller-free.

This is how flexible Kinect can be. Can't wait to see how it can possibly be in Gears of War 3, if they do put it in of course.

lokiroo4202695d ago

What is that you say? Kinect is so flexible that it needs a controller to replace you "the controller". If youre going to be a sheep, dont be a blind one.

slate912695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Really?? A sheep you say? Well since I've been following Kinect since it was first announced and researched plenty of articles and review I think I am a well informed buyer you prick.

This is FLEXIBLE for Kinect. Its a plus to introduce games that are fully Kinect and hybrid games as well. Jesus calm down kid

Moentjers2695d ago

so you mean: it will be a normal controller-based game and from time to time the action will stop/go on rails where you will be able to yell a command or wave at your screan. That will keep the pace in the gameplay.

But... I've look at all the announced games, watched the trailers but wasn't able to find any indication of how the games are going to be controlled.

As said before: some of them look increadibly good and it would be sad if the gameplay would be destroyed to add kinect-functions.

Mr_Bun2695d ago

It's so flexible that there are no plans to implement patches to work with older games. Now needing to buy another accessory for an accessory in order to work with the 360's core demographic is deemed as "flexible"?

slate912695d ago

I mean since Lion Head studios already announced an upcoming patch to work for Kinect I assume it can work for older games. It all depends on the developer.
Bungie has already said there will be no Kinect in Reach so there won't be for that game.

You don't NEED Kinect to work the games. It is just a plus.

UltimateIdiot9112695d ago

I swore that there was a company that told us over and over that button is needed and camera based only games is just no good for hardcore gamers. So this company integrated controller and camera gameplay together. What was this company?

Oh right, Sony.

Jaces2695d ago

Flexible just like "Fighters Uncaged" ?

I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of Kinect "hardcore" games on rails, just like Harry Potter. Even if they combine the controller with Kinect games how much are you going to even use Kinect?

Maybe to open a door, or throw a grenade...? Yea, totally worth $150.

Can't wait to see what MS has to show for the Hardcore, if it's anything like HP I'll probably end up on the floor laughing.

visualb2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

becuase it can be "flexible"!?

just use the damn controller that came with the console and spend those 150 dollars on 2 new games and a 2 XBL games

4 games or a peripheral that "adds" to the experience?

hmmm hard one *scratches head*
I guess it depends if your a GAMER (enjoys playing GAMES) or a casual person that falls into every marketing trap that smacks them across the face while they are watching opera

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