Skin Signals Betray a Gamer's Moves

Two Hungarian researchers have come up with a cunning way to create the most frustrating computer game imaginable.

Laszlo Laufer and Bottyan Nemeth at the Budapest Univesrity of Technology and Economics have discovered that a gamer's button presses can be predicted 2 seconds before they make them, through measurements of skin conductance.

This trick might ultimately have some important applications, like speeding-up a person's reaction time. But it could also conceivably be used to make computer games that predict a player's actions and adapt in order to frustrate them.

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BenzMoney4124d ago

I added another article about controlling video games using EEG signals (electrical signals from your brain) - but it is a different technology altogether. I just thought I'd put it in there because, although it's a few months old, it's still interesting and they mention it in this article.

Karebear4124d ago

If you had a 2 second reaction time in most of the games I play you'd be fragbait. There's no way it can predict twitchy games that require near instant reactions.