F1 2010 patch for Xbox 360 goes live, world comes to an end

El33tonline writes:

"I have good news for all of you Xbox 360 gamers currently trying to shave lap times down by milliseconds in Codemasters excellent racing game, F1 2010.

A patch for the game has just been released, fixing a host of issues that have plagued the title since launch, following the release of similar patches for the PS3 and PC versions of the realistic Formula One racing game."

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creeping judas2812d ago

Nope not fixed, the opponent cars will still ghost thru me in the pit lane, they are able to drive faster then me in the pits. And I still got held up by cars that entered the pit after me.

OliverKO2812d ago

But you got the patch, correct? I'm just trying to figure out what the update actually did, then, if it didn't correct any major issues...

creeping judas2812d ago

I got held up only by two cars rather then 10 cars like before.

And yes I got the patch Tuesday night I think it was.

fedex6822812d ago

That annoys me the most!

OliverKO2812d ago

Sounds like it's been... minimised.