Kinect: Racing games 'may never work'

Kinect has finally been released and reviewers are voicing their opinions on Microsoft's latest peripheral.

In CVG's review of Kinect racing game 'Joy Ride' our man Tim highlighted an aspect that could potentially eliminate an entire genre from Kinect's future library.

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RedDead2755d ago

Racing wheel is where it's at though

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Hideo_Kojima2754d ago

lol can you imagine a racing game like the ones on mobile phones where you only control left and right and boost?

Thats the type or racing games you could have on the Kinect

InfectedDK2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Kinect = PS2 Eyetoy
Nuff said!

EDIT: Oh and by the way..
Kinect has no games!!

Cevapi882754d ago

i wonder if when you calibrate your body with kinect, it asks you to be in a standing position rather than sitting down. if thats what it does, then full fledged racing games like Forza or PGR would never work with kinect...we already saw a tech demo of Forza with Kinect, and i doubt that anyone would play the game without having any control over the gas or break

darthv722754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Just holding that in your hands to at least give you the consistent shape needed to represent holding a wheel.

Now, about the gas and brake peddles.....

edit: so wait, how did burnout work when they showed it? I'd hate to think they were pulling an Oz on that one.

Killed4Less2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Didn't you know N4G is full of programming experts..

Yes, what you saw was real and yes it will work. But maybe some genres won't work as well with it. No big deal, I don't see anyone crying that the Move controller can not be used in the racing genre either. What are you going to do point on the screen where you want the car to go?

I didn't hear the doom and gloom about it.

I'm confused did MS say they are throwing away controllers and steering wheels? or are they just introducing a peripheral that can provide a different way to play games?

gaden_malak2754d ago

How is anyone going to hold their arms up in a prone position to simulate a steering wheel for any amount of time?

Bell Boy2754d ago

probably someone in the back pressing the buttons

badz1492754d ago

those Burnout and Forza footage during E3 were another case of smoke and mirrors!

Killzone3Helghast2754d ago

They didn't have celebrities(cough I mean actors) to show them playing Kinect for no reason.

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Wizziokid2755d ago

racing and shooting games will not work with Kinect, the only way they would work is in a hybrid situation.

racing games will always work best with a wheel simply because that's how you drive a real car.

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cmrbe2754d ago

It was not obvious enough for kinetic advocates.

Watch my comment gets tag for personal attack. N4G has gone from bad to worse.

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GoldPS32754d ago

Tell me something I don't.

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The story is too old to be commented.