Five Japanese Kinect Games To Watch (With Videos Inside) 'I’m sure most of you have heard about this already. How Microsoft has gone to five Japanese developers in hopes that they would make a Kinect exclusive game for 2011. To me, this was the announcement I had been waiting for. Japanese game developers such as Sega, Capcom, and Grasshopper Manufacture are some of the most hardcore in the business; and let’s just say the current Kinect offerings weren’t exactly scratching that no-controller gaming itch for me.'

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lowcarb2809d ago

This is proof MS will at least attempt to do many great games for it's core audience. Draco, CodenameD, and steel could be epic. For now we must wait and see.

Imperator2809d ago

If MS proves to me that Core games can indeed work on Kinect and actually delivers the game, I'll definitely reconsider my views. As of now, there's no way in hell I'm buying Kinect.

Neckbear2809d ago

I must admit, I'm actually tempted to get Kinect when it comes down to these games.

Hell, I hate Motion Controllers, but I 'unno...I wonder how they'll turn out.

OmarsAccount2809d ago

They definitely look worth looking into

kudakadere2809d ago

It make me wonder that the only reason kinect lauched with casual games is because of the holidays for example this christmass family tend to come together to have fun and if any of these games came out with it people gran parents could be forced to play a horror title during time.So basically there just getting the sales in first and then in 2011 they are gonna get serious.

gigaware2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

No slam on you and I agree with you to the fullest but I thought everybody without an agenda and the need to get hits knew that already. Microsoft has said this from the start.

DemiT2809d ago

Well, Gigaware, I didn't know this from the start.
Some people had been speculating of course, but no one actually knew for sure.

That said, this is great news.

I am just sick of the Sony fanboy haters who had Kinect written off months ago and are looking for any excuse to hate.

Hopefully, the addition of some 'core' material will shut those sadsacks up.

gigaware2809d ago

The people saying otherwise were speculating. Microsoft announced there where core games coming the day they announced Natal. Too many people angry and frustrated too busy attacking and not enough open minded learning about it.

badkolo2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

thats looking promising for sure

Cajun Chicken2809d ago

Really. I don't like the idea of Kinect. But if Suda 51 can pull off his magic as he did on the Wii with No More Heroes and Travis Touchdown, then I'm pretty much sold.

Also, Child of Eden looks pretty neat and I'm a big fan of Rez.

10thnightvolley2809d ago

i am just very curious to how its implemented in the game ... would be very interesting

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