My Experience With Xbox Kinect

Platform Nations Steven Artlip describes his experience with the Kinect: Today I’m finally able to talk about Kinect so here is my chance to let you all know what I think. Ok, no more Move talk, lets jump right into the Xbox Kinect and I’ll let you all know what I thought about it from my experience as I’ve had it for a couple months now.

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D4RkNIKON2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

"After playing with Kinect I found out very quick that I like a controller and I like buttons. Buttons work a hundred percent of the time, every time, I wish I could say that about Kinect. Doing things on the dashboard took so much more work then picking up a controller and just going to what I want."

"As a person that has been playing video games for over twenty years now, I kind of know what I’m doing when it comes to playing them and I know what I like, unfortunately Kinect just doesn’t have it."

"Would I pick up Kinect if I didn’t already have it? No, I wouldn’t. I just don’t feel it’s worth the price nor that the games that will support Kinect"

Mr_Bun2813d ago

Sounds like there will be a lot of buyer's remorse after today

darthv722813d ago

Then again, I had faith in the ps3 when others were slamming it.

Faith has a nice way of paying you back.

Nathaniel_Drake2813d ago

Yeah but you were backing a product that had successful run for two straight gen. Kinect is based on a very bad foundation and a not so great past(eyetoy). It did sell 10 million but it's tech was limited. Look Sony did the research for MS already and they found out buttons are needed.

And to be honest the ps3 was following the same plan as the ps2, the news articles are very similar. I knew Sony was going to do well with the ps3 you just needed patience something gamers don't have this gen

darthv722813d ago

yeah, that should have been the right word. Faith sounded good but as penny points out, sometimes faith doesnt always work.

Ok, so now the new end line of my above comment is: Patience has a nice way of paying you back. are spot on. Many gamers just dont have the patience.

lelo2play2813d ago

Opinions are like as*holes... everybody has one.

Some will will love Kinect, others will hate it. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect.

mac_sparrow2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Oh really?

Nuff said ;)

I agree with the second part of your comment though.

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dtrain212813d ago

Its works flawlessly. There was about 75 people or more at the nearest Gamespot buying Kinect

-GoldenTimeLover-2813d ago

You saw them buy the product. You didnt see them playing in their homes.

kneon2813d ago

Weird, there was nobody buying it at the Best Buy I went to today, nor at the EB Games. And neither were out of stock, far from it in fact.

jjmustoe2813d ago

it says

I don’t feel that Microsoft is targeting their core group of gamers at all, they moved past us and they are trying to bring in those that are not playing. Is this bad? No, not at all, but this just isn’t for me. I’m sure soccer moms, grand parents and gaming families will have some fun with this, but for how long? The problem with gimmick games are that once the gimmick gets old, so does the game. I can see a lot of buyers remorse down the road with these titles as well as the hundred and fifty dollar unit. That’s a pretty large setback to get into Kinect and to experience the “next big thing” in gaming. So the question is, would I pick up Kinect if I didn’t already have it? No, I wouldn’t. I just don’t feel it’s worth the price nor that the games that will support Kinect will be the type of games that interest me. This doesn’t mean that Kinect is bad, it just means that it isn’t for me

creeping judas2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

There's no facts to back this theory up, but I am quite confident that there are more casual gamers out there then there are core gamers.
Will I get it, yes, but mainly for my kids to enjoy, just like I did with Move. And I hope I will see some joy out of both them in 2011 as a core gamer.

Sackdude2813d ago

Sorry dude there are no core games for Kinect.

Chug2813d ago

I can't wait for the next big game to drop, I'm sick of all these Kinect articles.

Game13a13y2813d ago

just like what they say in every other reviews:
1) inaccurate in motion tracking
2) need plenty space to function properly
3) problems with voice recognition
4) dashboard gimmick gets old quick
5) launch games are all aiming at the casual market and leave out their core audience

seems like no reviews said Kinect can work as it should without any problems

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