Crytek: Crysis 2 Aims to Dethrone Call of Duty

We've heard this story before. Remember when EA representatives told the gaming world that Bad Company 2 was a better game than Modern Warfare 2?

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Game-ur2816d ago

Bad Company 2 IS a better game than COD

PRHB HYBRiiD2815d ago

i know...better than mw2 but not better than black ops... battlefield 3 will be better than black ops :)

OSU_Gamer2815d ago

I didnt know Black Ops was out???

nickjkl2815d ago

alot of games>cod

cod sales>all games

which is it crytek i think you should go for quality because i doubt youll dethrown cod in terms of sales

badz1492815d ago

and tbh, bettering CoD as a game is not hard at all! the sales is another thing though!

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D4RkNIKON2816d ago

I guess when their plans to dethrone KZ as best looking console shooter fell through they had to set a more reasonable goal for themselves.

simplyRealistic182816d ago

crysis is multiplatform, more is still going to play more than killzone and honestly, killzone 3 doesn't have the same appeal killzone 2 did, im getting crysis next year

stop making fanoboy comments

and this is coming from a guy who still own killzone 2

raztad2815d ago


There is no fvkin way I'm getting Crysis 2 instead of KZ3 if I had to pick only one. Playing the beta, it is awesome, and devels are getting testers feedback to make it even better. No to mention the graphics O.O

On Topic: Crytek is bringing a lot of hate towards its game for no good reasons. Even if game is quality, COD is an institution in gaming. The GTA of FPS, with a formula that doesnt change since COD4 but people feels comfortably with.

CoD fanatics will not be sympathetic to those comments. This very same article already shows it.

DeathMetal2815d ago

and it looks fantastic, KZ is linear with no sandox or destrucion, and prerendered backgrounds, no real time lighting unlike crysis, and low res explosions. Go read the offical KZ forums about the your KZ3 beta, it's getting ripped apart over there LOL.

Nihilism2815d ago

If you think getting game to looks good on one platform is a result of any kind of skill, you are retarded. Now getting a MULIPLAT to look and run amazing on all platforms, with 720p and 30 frames + 3d on both consoles, the 2 former being something much poorer looking games cannot always achieve, is an amazing feat.

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BubbleSystemSuck2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

good luck...
and every one knows, QUality dont sale millions... dont know why, but is true.

Every body has a Toyota, but just few Mercedez Benz or BMW

SnuggleBandit2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


not a great analogy there...price is a huge determining factor in whether buying a bmw or a toyota lol

and toyota's are pretty quality vehicles, last much longer that most car brands.

I get what you are saying though...if sales=quality then the wii would not be the top selling console this gen

BubbleSystemSuck2815d ago

you think every BMW or MB are the same prize and year?
and there are models...

I preffer a '2009 BMW than '11 Toyota.

Check sales of Valkiria Chronicles, Deamon Souls for example... those are games way better than other with millions of sales

sorry if dont understand the point, my english is not good :lol:

SnuggleBandit2815d ago

I said in my last post that i get your point about sales not equaling quality, just that your analogy is off

and it still is after you clarified it...

kaveti66162815d ago

Toyotas are much better vehicles than Beemers and Mercedes Benz's. They are more reliable and cheaper to maintain. My friend's BMW convertible top stopped working and it cost so much to fix that he had to sell it to a dealership.

I've had a 1993 Toyota for many years. The battery lasted for 11 years without needing to be changed.

Toyotas FTW

BMWs are money pits.

OSU_Gamer2815d ago

Im sure BMW has had recalls. Not to mention it was ONE recall.

Toyotas are great cars that run for thousands of miles longer than most cars.

kaveti66162815d ago

Those recalls made me love Toyota even more.

Although Toyota of America didn't want to even issue a recall, Toyota of Japan forced them to do it.

The Japanese have honor.

SoapShoes2815d ago

I don't think many people here know about cars. Toyotas get too much credit and aren't really better than any other brand out there.

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evrfighter2816d ago

"Remember when EA representatives told the gaming world that Bad Company 2 was a better game than Modern Warfare 2?"


it was.

venom062815d ago


PrimordialSoupBase2816d ago

A tall order in terms of sales, definitely. In terms of quality, however, Call of Duty's bland linearity is pretty much the fps at its very worst.

DigitalAnalog2815d ago

The only thing Crytek dethrones are the lame graphic cards that try to run it.

-End statement

2815d ago
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DTMBSquid2816d ago

Perfect reference to the EA mess with Bad Company 2. I am excited for Crysis 2, though, and hope its fun

Rrobba2816d ago

Very optimistic claim. Anyway, I can't wait for this game!

Shackdaddy8362815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Same. With all the hype for CoD though, I dont think it will dethrone it no matter how well they make Crysis.

vhero2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Meh quite a few games are better than COD the problem is to beat it you have to pay of a lot of reviewers to say it is.

lazysey2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Yes you must be a moron, because you need someone to explain in reviews to you if a game is good or not. Because you are a weak person and look towards other peoples opinions as you cannot comprehend a guy running around shooting a gun.

hay2816d ago

@lazysey: Whoah, what are you doing outside Black Ops articles? And since you're between people, I'd suggest you to start being accustomed to sarcasm.

lazysey2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

"hay" buddy, how do you know if he was being sarcastic or not? What if he was really just stupid and sought out that reviewers as corrupt beings who are heavily influence by cash under the table from a publisher.

Well, from the looks of all the uneducated people on N4G, I don't need to be accustomed to the sarcasm because there isn't any present.

Example of sarcasm: "You're a cool person because you're accustomed to the sarcasm displayed in N4G"

But in reality, cool will be meaning = I could give less of a shit what you have to say faggot.

vhero2815d ago

Meh I dont follow reviews for my game I look at game features and previews myself reviews have never affected my buy so before you start calling people morons get your facts straight idiot. I though BC2 blew MW2 away and Saints Row 2 was better than GT4 but of course the richest devs games got the praise for a reason and it wasn't because they were better games. Oh and yeah I had both GTA IV and MW2. Sold both after a week..

lazysey2815d ago

No, I'm pretty sure you're just a moron. Go back to your cave troll.

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soundslike2815d ago

Or get them drunk and laid at fancy release parties.


EA said the same with MOH and failed probably won't.

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