Dead Space 2: Lullaby Gameplay Trailer [HD] | Pixel Enemy

Dead Space 2: Lullaby Gameplay Trailer [HD] | Pixel Enemy

This will probably be the scariest game of all time. Don't watch it alone!! The game drops early next year.

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PantherDST2697d ago

Lets hope they improve upon it...

Headquarters112696d ago

Wack, not as good as the first "lullaby" trailer that they did with the first dead space.

RedGr3mlin2697d ago

and then go and look at the dead space facebook profile and look at the pic.

Just sayin :)

STICKzophrenic2697d ago

I don't see any correlation. Pausing at 0:32 can give you several different images.

The_Nameless_One2696d ago

I don't see it too. The facebook profile page just shows the box art cover. I have no idea what the hell this guy is on.

sam22362697d ago

I'm sorry, but that's a really shitty trailer. The trailer for the first game was so good because the song they used fit perfectly. There's no need to try and top it, they're trying too hard now.

Having said that, I'm really looking forward to the game.

STICKzophrenic2697d ago

I think it's a little throwback to the first game.

One of the chapters later on in the game, someone is singing a really creepy lullaby.

gamerwiips3602697d ago

Ofcourse DS is my best survival horror game of this Gen.
The 1st Lullaby Trailer of "Twinkle Twinle" was pure bad-a**. Somewat I felt EA Redwood tryin too hard to prove DS2 worthy....

This trailer was not made as gud as the 1st one.

With sayin dat there is no doubt dat we all Dead Space fans have been craving for DS 2. I hope u won't Disappoint...EA Redwood.

We r counting on u...Make this game as beautiful & as gud as the Dogs made Uncharted 2!!

The_Nameless_One2696d ago

1. EA Redwood doesn't exists anymore. It's Visceral Games now.

2. Visceral Games are not trying to prove anything with this trailer. Like someone else commented before, it's a throwback to the first game. Ever heard of a reoccurring theme?

3. You need to read more. Your spelling and grammar is in much need of improvement.

RedDead2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Don't undertand the love for the first one :(
It was like RE4 again except i was't as good as it, sorta like Res5 wasn't as good a 4. And it was NOT scary except for the first few encounters. Albeit the gore was supreme.

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