Over An Hour Of GoldenEye 007 Gameplay (GameBlurb)

Keeping with the James Bond theme we decided to take the new GoldenEye 007 out for a spin last night on GameBlurb (((On Air))). Let’s just say this isn’t the classic Nintendo 64 game you grew up with. For those of you that were unable to check out the live stream, here’s the full hour and a half of gameplay, frustrating motion controls and our impressions of the game.

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MicrocutsX22818d ago

The reviews have been better than I expected. Maybe i'll try it out. Oh and sorry I missed the show last night! The post was kinda late. =X

liquidxtension2818d ago

I watched this last night. Those controls looked really bad. I don't know what reviewers have been saying.

Kiroe2818d ago

I have played it with both the motion controls and the classic controller. Classic controller all the way!

I am impressed however that the game wasn't just a simple reskin of the old N64 game, but rather a fresh take on the storyline and locations. Actually a decent FPS for the Wii!

ChickeyCantor2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It doesn't look like they are using the IR at all...
Am i missing something? Ths is played with a GC controller right?

"frustrating motion controls"


Kiroe2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Midway through the broadcast the viewers asked them to switch over to motion controls to give their impressions on how good/bad they where. The game player used the motion controls for only like 10 minutes then switched back to the classic controller. hehe.

evildeli2818d ago

there needs to be a comparison between Goldeneye and the other Bond game. I wanna see who has the better looking Daniel Craig. I bet Goldeneye does.