Meet Kinect's "Mascot"

Meet Microsoft’s new Kinect “mascot”: a smiling rectangle-faced calibration card!

Is it cute, is it terrifying? It’s probably a bit of both! Whatever it is, it’s certainly an unexpectedly interesting, creative, and unique tool, from the minds at Microsoft.

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moosehound2545d ago

That thing gives me the willies tbh... It looks like your best buddy then it will slit your throat whilst you sleep... bit like Teddy Ruxspin dolls.....

Tomdc2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

It would get me to buy kinect... only because of fear of what it might do to me if I don't :S

moosehound2545d ago

LOL - Talk about the ultimate scare tactic...

I probably comes up on screen in the dead of night and looks around your front room... plotting it's time to strike :D

PHOSADRA2545d ago


The old mascot of Nick Jr.
On Nickelodeon

moosehound2544d ago

HAHAHA! I totally forgot about that character... that was creepy ;)

sku7790tz2545d ago ShowReplies(1)
PS3ROCKS2545d ago

Now for creepy old guys

retrovertigo2545d ago

They're only creepy when they're calibrating! Haha!

moosehound2545d ago

Who do you prefer:-

Milo or Smiley Card Dude (we'll call him Smuggie)?

My vote goes to Milo...

slate912545d ago

When I opened Kinect Adventures I saw this and was like "Wtf?" lol

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