Yamauchi Still Thinks You'll Be Playing Gran Turismo 5 By Christmas

Kazunori Yamauchi has reiterated his belief that gamers will have their hands on a copy of Gran Turismo 5 before Christmas.

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kharma452810d ago

I hope he's right or else I'd imagine there's gonna be a lot of very peeved gamers out there.

Crazyglues2810d ago

We will see it before Christmas...

Just would be really silly to miss the Christmas Holiday, when it would mean some huge sales.. especially as a last minute gift.

Sales could be huge as people who might not have even thought about buying a game will most likely pick it up as a gift, giving the title some sales it might not have seen at any other time of the year..


nix2810d ago

of course, we'll be able to... i'm crossing my fingers and toes here!

Christopher2810d ago

Honestly, this game has been delayed for so long, if anyone is still waiting I think they'd wait for however long it takes to get it done now.

ryuzu2810d ago

Oh yeah sure - this is a new GT, the first full release on the PS3 and what must be the fullest featured game about cars anywhere.

There are a lot of people who'll simply be purchasing this whenever it arrives (within the lifetime of the PS3 itself of course!)

Really, times of year don't matter for a product with as much market presence and following as this.

Really though Sony need to get this sold and start the work rolling on GT6.

If GT6 improves on 5 like 4 did on 3, then there is something very special coming - it'd be a shame if that has to wait for PS4.


hay2810d ago

@ryuzu: Time of the year matters for profit even for GT5.
Releasing the game in holiday window will result in sales boost with launch price.
Releasing it some time earlier may not necessary boost sales but there won't be such sales boom with launch price and during holiday window it'll sell, yeah, but at lower price.

But if you mean market presence alone, it's shouldn't matter for this franchise.

hennessey862810d ago

will just make playing this awsome game that much more special

FishCake9T42810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Christmas 2012?
Oh wait we will all be dead.....according to Mayans, they must be Forza fanboys.

Red_Phoenix2810d ago

Actually the Mayan Calendar has been misread and the analysts were off by 50-100 years, so 2012 will not be the end of the world.

ryuzu2810d ago

^^ You're confused. The Mayan's have no special information about any "end of the World".

20 years ago, it was Nostradamus, then a few cults sparng up for the Millenium and now it's Mayan's.

Don't let yourself be convinced by ancient myths and hokum theories.


Christopher2810d ago

***Don't let yourself be convinced by ancient myths and hokum theories. ***

Where's the fun in that, though?

TreMillz2810d ago

I literally laugh that people believe yhings that acient people marked down hundreds of years ago...are there any mayans around now? No! If i wrote down the sun is going to blow up on March 26, 2015 is that really going to happen?

DigitalAnalog2810d ago

There has been more predictions on the PS3's demise than there is on global catastrophe's put together.

-End statement

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crazyclown2810d ago

Wait what...I thought this game released didnt it? I am playing it LIVE wtf! (LOL)

Back on topic; def. playing this till next next christmas

gypsygib2810d ago

How can he not know, he's the games creator?!

Crazyglues2810d ago

That it's out of his hands now, he did his part, but it's up to Sony to print enough copies pick the date and get it out on time...

So the actually code has been finalized and pressing disc has begun, -but it's in Sony's hands now to finalize everything

Which I"m sure they will do in the next few days.. (giving us the date and any other info needed)


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