Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Blood Stone 007 HD Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth Writes "Sometimes we pay so much attention to our enemies, we forget to watch our friends as well." Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! Today we bring you James Bond 007: Blood Stone for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Blood Stone was developed by Bizarre Creations - known best for developing the Project Gotham Racing series on the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. Blood Stone uses the bespoke engine which was first created for the game, "The Club"...remember that one? Neither do we. Anyway, sneak inside this Head2Head to see which version shakes your martini to perfection."

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toaster2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Holy crap the PS3 version is blurry.. it's ok though since the 360 version is jaggy as hell.

Any way you spin it, this game looks pretty bad.

@ Rudesole

It's not motion blur, it's just genuinely blurry :3

RudeSole Devil2636d ago

Looks like motion blur in some of the screen shot but yea the Xbox 360 looks better.

raztad2636d ago

It is Quincux AA mot likely

Christopher2636d ago

I think I've gotten to the point with H2H where I'm not looking to see which platform is slightly better than the other so much as which developer is unable to get their act together and make games that look decent or better on both. Unless a game is seriously flawed on one, it's unlikely I'll get it for the other platform. Of course, I do wish I had gotten RDR for the 360 instead since the alpha issues on the PS3 can really hurt your eyes after a an hour or two of gaming.

chazjamie2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

gosh, that makes sense. i usually feel sick after an hour of playing rdr. i get a headache.

vhero2636d ago

agree with toaster ps3 version is blurry and 360 is jaggy seems like the 360 version is unfinished and should have had the blur effect too.

dirthurts2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

If it's a "blurring effect" it's poorly implemented as it tends to blur the entire screen.

DemiT2636d ago

Ps3 is indeed blurry.

It looks terrible.

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lokiroo4202636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Why does the 2nd to last picture have 2 left hands in the ps3 version? Something is off. Also in the 5th picture, lettering is doubled.

Sea_Man2636d ago

Because the post processing motion blur effect used by the PS3 suck [email protected]!

zeddy2636d ago

not that i care but the 360 version is better.

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THC CELL2636d ago

Wow this game not worth having..

Joe Bomb2636d ago

Definitely not the next "Goldeneye" that I was hoping for.

Shaman2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Game looks ok...nothing more...

RudeSole Devil2636d ago

It looked and played really good.

Tempjf2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

What a sh!!tty game. Just makes me even more anxious for Goldeneye on the Wii. Nice H2H, much more professional than other comparisons I've seen. ;)

chazjamie2636d ago

that slide feature is pretty neat

Iceballs2636d ago

Nobody does it like LOT, they have the best comparison tools of any other website...

seann2636d ago

i wonder why they so good at what they do?
is it because the technology they use is so precise and awesome at the same time?

they use technical jargon with urban language, so that i can understand what they trying to tell me, or even show me. its amazing what they do, comparing two games and capturing screens and then writing about it, and then doing a poll to find out what their members think. thats democratic.

Shogun Master2636d ago

360 looks bettrer for sure. Bond games have been sucking ever since Goldeneye so I think I'll pass.

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