The Complete Kinect Launch Guide for Gamers

From the feature article:

"Well, the day has finally arrived. The motion-sensitive gaming device that Microsoft has been prepping for quite some time is almost upon us, set to launch in retailers everywhere today (or for some of you, late last night) – titled Microsoft Kinect. However, there’s a question in regards to what games you should get, as ten titles will be releasing on the same day as the Kinect device, along with its pack-in game, Kinect Adventures (which obviously comes recommended since it’s, well, free). With that, we’ve decided to break down eleven of the biggest launch titles for the motion device, and let you know where your money’s best spent - once you have dropped $149.99 on the Kinect hardware. Hang on tight, because this breakdown is going to exhaust you quicker than a frenzied session of Dance Central. We will have full reviews of all the major launch titles later this week, as well as a detailed look at the Kinect hardware."

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UltimaEnder2783d ago

I'll be looking at a number of the launch titles today and have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it - the sales numbers will be much higher than Move I'm guessing but only time will tell...

thief2783d ago

"the sales numbers will be much higher than Move"
Wel, what else would you need from a gaming system. Knowing the 360 user-base, I think we can safely say sales would be good

LaurenKB1232783d ago

Thinking I might pick up Kinect this weekend, not convinced just yet!

-IronMan-2783d ago

The complete return guide on how to get ur money back from a product that doesnt work.


Agent-862783d ago

I laughed at the title "The Complete Kinect Launch Guide for Gamers". I think true gamers will stay away from this thing.

Trroy2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

(wrong thread, deleted)