Panasonic: 'Blu-ray Will Win, Be Certain'

Panasonic has made clear its stance in the high-definition war. "Blu-Ray will succeed to become the predominant high-definition format, be certain," Joachim Reinhart, chief operating officer and president of Panasonic Europe, told journalists at a press conference at IFA 2007 in Berlin this afternoon.

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MK_Red3762d ago

Panasonic FTW! But in this bloody format war nothing is certain.

thereapersson3762d ago

Yeah, you're right. Although, the BDA just had a couple important acquisitions to help boost its format penetration into people's homes.

Glad to see them standing firm behind the format, without a monetary boost to back up this opinion.

Bill Gates3762d ago

Anyone who thinks HD-DVD will win, is a COMPLETE IDIOT, and should not play the stock market. That means you XTURDS....AHAHAHHAHA

nasim3762d ago

i completely agree with you champ

BD beats HD DVD 3:1 in NA

9:1 in JAPAN
and 8:1 in EU

with cheap BD players due this FALL things would only get worse for HD DVD

Anal3762d ago

FTW. Why the hell not. I'm sure to pick up a ps3 next year. Ive got shat loads of Blu-ray movies.

cuco333762d ago

i don't believe you one bit... on the owning BD movies

Xbox360Fanboy3762d ago

Like I told ya before, Blu-ray is going to own HD DVD for sure indeed.

MEGANE3762d ago

woa an xbox fanboy on bluray side.....nice!!...bubbles 4u!!

heroman7113762d ago

seriously an xbox fanboy agreeing with blu ray. wow this made my day and i think i made a new friend

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narked3762d ago

i dunno why u can say HD-DVD is better, cause blueray simply supports more data. format war ended.

barom3762d ago

there are a few reasons.

HD DVD supports online (I dunno why, but it opens up possibilities)
HD DVD can be backwards compatible with dvds (by burning dvd on one side and hd dvd on the other)
HD DVD does not has as much DRM
thus HD DVD is also cheaper to produce (not that it matters cause we haven't noticed it yet)
HD DVD players are cheaper

BD got java and more space and faster speeds (as of now afaik).

I would have actually backed HD DVD but as a owner of PS3. I don't want my blu ray player to go to waste

synetic3762d ago

-> thus HD DVD is also cheaper to produce (not that it matters cause we haven't noticed it yet) <- this one is wrong but like you said it dont really matters

While some corporate sources claim HD DVD is "lower cost" to reproduce, a study performed by Home Media Magazine (August 5, 2007) reveals this is no longer the case. Quotes from several disc manufacturers for 25,000 units of HD DVDs and Blu-rays revealed a price differential of only 5–10 cents. (Lowest price: 90 cents versus 100 cents. Highest price: $1.45 versus $1.50.)

Kholinar3762d ago

Is that per disc?

Cause that's a ton if true. For the consumer it's not a difference... but for movies that sell a million or more copies that's significant.

Infernus3761d ago

Blu-Ray is region free too. The PS3 games are anyway. HD-DVD doesn't have an edge there.

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