GT5 Delay Will Cost Sony 'One Million' Sales

Gaming analyst Michael Pachter has told IncGamers Sony must get Gran Turismo 5 out before Christmas as a delay will ‘cost them a million in sales’.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

what a frickin retard!

Respect Sony's Authoritaaaaaaah!

Cevapi882786d ago

GT5 itself will be a game that will push console sales, it has long legs and people will be buying it well into 2011 and 2012...this is what Sony is counting on since it happened with previous GT games...i know that if am not able to get a copy in the next month or so because its sold out, then i'll wait for future copies or just reserve one online

ProjectVulcan2786d ago

Have no fear, he'll have enough done in time for chrimbo

Dee_912786d ago

any game that dont sell in november and december will miss out on 1 millions sales

Hideo_Kojima2786d ago

GT has a lot of hardcore fans but not everyone who buys it will be one. There will be kids who see the trailer and the graphics and buy the game thinking its just like Need for Speed.

1 million sounds to much to me I would say its more around 1-5% of the first year sales (wide guess but lets just say some sales WILL be lost)

I don't fully agree but I will give you an example of what Patcher might be trying to say.

Considering there are 1 million people who only get to buy ONE game a year on their birthday which was November and this 1 million people are not really that interested in GT5 but still kind of like it...

They might not wait for GT5 because they may not even like car games that much. So they will go out and buy Black Ops or another November release...

Now here comes November 2011 this people who were never really interested in GT5 but would have gotten it last year may have now forgotten about this game.

So they might not buy it at all and just buy the NEW game they heard about on a TV advert.

These are the same type of people that would thing CoD is better than Battle Field

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EYEamNUMBER12786d ago

its not that crazy sounding think of it this way

they could have sold out or close to it in november and then sold out in december
if the game comes out in december then they will only sell out in december

SuperM2786d ago

He is saying that if they miss the holiday it will cost them one million copies sold. It has nothing to do with a delay from november to december but a delay til after christmas if that was to happen. If it release in early december then it shouldnt matter that much

Danja2786d ago

you make alot of sense , and to all the blind sony fans who keep saying GT5 will sell tons no matter when it comes out , think again ppl will eventually move on and stop waiting and Sony needs to stop teasing the GT loyalist and get its act to together im a huge GT fan owned all of them and if it doesnt come out this year , i will be in no rush to buy it

As there are lots of greats games coming next year from Sony that i will be more than willing to buy before GT5 , with that said this game will be awesome and they need to get it out atleast 2 weeks before christmas , and they need an awesome Ad camapagin to make up for the delay

xAlmostPro2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

it could also sell out in january if it was released then..or febuary or any month of the year.. it could almost sell out in december and then again january.. it can easily as much work that way..

its not hard to make predictions is what im saying

@Danja wrong dude, the loyalists will stick around no matter how long it takes, even if it took so long they forgot about it once it was announced again it would be straight back in the interests of a 'loyalist' and as for the not so up-to date people who dont follow news sites and buy games when they see them in the store it will be the exact same for them whatever month because they'll see it once the store has it..

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

GT5 is finished, is in Gold Stage. It will be released before 2011.

40cal2786d ago

Maybe for the first week, those million people will still pick the game up.

avengers19782785d ago

I highly doubt that, once the game comes out people will still be falling all over themselves to get it, and it will help to push sony sales; witch haven been increasing over the years anyway.

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Abash2786d ago

That doesn't really make sense, they'll get those "one million" sales they missed from the delay after the Holiday season -_-

Blaze9292786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I don't get it - is he saying one million sales (copies) or is he saying one million IN sales as in $1,000,000 cost?

xAlmostPro2786d ago

lol if either turn out to be right that will be declared as "what he meant".. the guys a fool like that

jetlian2786d ago

means copies sold which at release prices would be 48 million dollars worth

Ju2786d ago

1,000,000 of what? A number he pulled out of hi a...hat in the first place? How can we ever know what that number would have been?

Travel back in time and sell it again or what?

ryuzu2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I think he's saying that there are people who'd buy this for the Christmas break or as a gift who won't then buy it in January or later.

PS3 has a lot of great games though - both multi and exclusive and they tend to sell steadily since there's so many to chose from (most people can't or won't get them all).

GT5 will do OK in the long even if it slips to next year - but I don't think it will at this stage.


Kalowest2786d ago

This dude is retard. GT5 will sell a shit load whenever it comes out, before or after Xmas.

djfullshred2786d ago

It would sell a lot more before the holiday. People buying gifts for others in addition to those buying the game for themselves. That is just the way it is around Christmas

Kalowest2786d ago

It will sell good after xmas too, because of people getting Xmas $,and insane deals.

SuperM2786d ago

Wether GT5 sells a shitload or not has nothing to do with what pachter is saying. If GT5 sells 1 million copies less then it will still sell a lot of copies. But its still 1 million less copies. Wether he is right or not we will never find out, but its not unlikely. Pachter does say alot of stupid stuff but i still find it sad that you get so many agrees for kinda pointless stupid comment.

Kalowest2786d ago

Sorry about my stupid comment. I read what the dude said, and the comment was created while i was still in my WTF mode.

hesido2786d ago

Stuff sells during Christmas. If you sell the product at the right time, it will sell more. That's what he's saying. What's so hard to understand? The fanboy goggles are thickening by the day.

I'm a PS3 fan, btw.

trounbyfire2786d ago

jeremy said it on top gear and I thought what a weird thing to say but funny as heck