Kinect may be future of gaming

If someone asked a gamer back in the 80s what the console of the future would look like, they would probably describe something like the Kinect. Microsoft's new sensor is the most forward-thinking of the new motion-controls coming out this year.

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Agent-862697d ago

"Kinect may be future of gaming." Oh please NOOOOOOOO! If Kinect is the future, then gaming has no future.

Imperator2696d ago

I predict decent to strong launch numbers and by next year Kinect will be collecting dust in the bargain bin. I really don't understand how this thing could possibly be the future of gaming. In fact, it's actually the other way around. Kinect limits games so much, and if this is the future then I guess I won't be gaming anymore.

JackBNimble2696d ago

Not likely, the core gamer which the industry depends on would reject it.