Hulu Plus Goes PlayStation Plus-less Next Week

Beginning next week, Hulu Plus will lift the invitation-only availability of its service, which was previously exclusive to select PlayStation Plus subscribers, and open it up to all PlayStation Network members, making the PlayStation 3 the first and only console dedicated to gaming to offer the service.

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deadreckoning6662670d ago ShowReplies(1)
edgeofblade2670d ago

Hey, great news. This might finally end my 3.5 boycott for killing my 360 controller converter.

bananlol2670d ago

It isnt sonys fault you bough a unlicensed poroduct.

edgeofblade2670d ago

You make it sound like Sony SHOULD go wreck the way I interact with their system and force me to use their tiny controller. Who was I harming?

duplissi2670d ago

dude that sucks... im just glad my frag fx still works.

thankfully for me i prefer the ps3 controller, and ive considered getting a controller converter for my 360.

djfullshred2670d ago

I have been using the proxy application PlayOn on my PC to stream regular Hulu to my PS3. Great program that makes it look like you have a direct interface to various streaming sites directly from the PS3, even though you are proxying through your PC. The free service is cool with me. I don't mind a few commercials.

matte412670d ago

I was just posting on the PS3 forums when I saw the post above. If interested in Playon as an alternative to HULU plus see
Less expensive but doesn’t have complete seasons for TV shows. Contains other channels like,,, fox, etc. I would be somewhat concerned that providers may be able to disable this product. I have it and enjoy it but I got it early and it was cheaper in the beta days. They have now changed pricing so that a 1 year subscription is $40 or a lifetime subscription is $80.

DashingDevin2670d ago

It's not worth $10 bucks a month unless you have nothing better to spend your money on. Until they actually get whats on onto the PS3 application as far as TV show selection just stick to your laptop. I was part of the invitation only. You still get just as many ads and TV show selection is extremely limited and you will watch just about everything you would want to see in about a week.