CoD: Black Ops soundtrack revealed

Activision Publishing, Inc. revealed today that the Call of Duty: Black Ops soundtrack will be available for download starting November 9th.

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TekoIie2757d ago

Its hardly been "Revealed" more liked announced....

mikepmcc2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

True, the title was misleading.

However, the soundtrack will probably be very good, I am actually interested in this.

EDIT: Disagree? It's kickass 60s and 70s music, the Stones were in the launch trailer for Christ's sake, what's not to like?

Johnny-GS2756d ago

the title of the email that we got from Activision was: Call of Duty: Black Ops soundtrack revealed...however, now I see that we should give other title to this article... Sry, my mistake :)

MGRogue20172757d ago

Sure.. I'll "download" it.. *hint*


SSKILLZ2757d ago

Kotick's Online 24/7 Gestapo is on to you,lol. hahaha

VenomProject2757d ago

"CoD: Black Ops plastic used to create game case revealed"

scar202757d ago

The only music ive ever liked was late 90's and theyre mexican rappers.

seinfan2756d ago

South Park Mexican. lol