Kinect at retail

Christopher Dring speaks to GAME's Adam Davis and Asda's Alastair Islip

GAME's trading director Adam Davis tells MCV about how the High Street chain is driving pre-orders...

MCV: What demand have you seen for Kinect so far?

GAME: We have sold out of our initial allocation. Microsoft really got behind showcasing the product to our staff at our recent conference. This has helped drive awareness with our staff, raise awareness in our stores and has resulted in some great pre-orders.

From our perspective we’re lucky to have such a good relationship with Microsoft. This means we are still able to take pre-orders, and we are pretty confident of getting more Kinect stock in time for launch.

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1233602810d ago

we losted 31 million and we aint saying anythink negative,there,s loads for pre order as we are not stocking it.they can,t afford to stock this heavy

vhero2809d ago

Say what?? I didn't understand a word you said... Anyways seem GAME have the biggest allocation Kinect cams in the UK.