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At long last, it's here. Microsoft's controller-free gaming peripheral, dubbed Kinect, is hitting store shelves around the world. Wondering if it's truly a revolution or just another doomed peripheral? Wonder no more. Here you'll find a full set of Kinect reviews to help you decide if it's for you. From a review of the hardware itself to our thoughts on the huge set of games, we've got the Kinect launch covered from all angles...

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Cevapi882817d ago

looking at the reviews, one thing seems constant for certain games, while they do look appealing and have good presentation, they fall in gameplay with issues that take away from the fun and purpose of the intended game

HolyOrangeCows2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

The reviews that I have read have been nearly unanimous; Kinect and its games have problem with lag and bugs, and the necessary distance (10 feet: [33.5 x Sin(68.5)]/Sin(21.5) = 85.05 inches (7.09 feet) + 3 feet or so to take advantage of 3D space) is a problem. That's what happens when you release unstable tech and use a mere 43 degree vertical FOV on your camera, though.

It hasn't even benefited navigation (Slow and limited options from Kinect menu). So much for minority report.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2817d ago

It's called selective hearing...or in this case, selective reading. Or simply trolling in this case.

darthv722817d ago

Yeah, my wife tells me I have that condition. Selective hearing amongst other selective things.

So many people are wanting this to fail and yet may not even understand to themselves as to why. I dont know if it is the thought of MS making this a hit after sony released a similar product. Or just at MS being in the game all together.

One thing is true, so much energy wasted on bickering could be put towards gaming instead.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Now we know why MS refused to send out early samples to reviewers. This thing failed first day out. Now lets see how affective the 500mill campaign will be this holiday season.

Raikiri2817d ago

From all the reviews i have seen..kinect has been getting high grades everywhere.. its the games (except for dance central) which are
getting low grades.

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midgard2272816d ago

is that a long way of saying it fails????

if gameplay sux its a fail

btk2817d ago ShowReplies(1)
clintos592817d ago

U dont seem to understand why we call MS out for their BS. Yes I would agree with u & wouldnt complain if kinect delivered as promised with what MS has been advertising with u being the controller & acting as if this has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. I cant understand how in the hell u MS die hard supporters can accept BS like this. I mean your even buying into their advertisements & u KNEW there were flaws. I mean I bet you will be the same people who will support MS even with the INCREASE with xbl price & the same people who will let bobby kotick tell u how much u are going to pay for their game & u will be paying an additional fee to play their games online. When u let people step on u like this, they will always take advantage of u because they know they can pimp u like a hoe on the side of the street working to pay their pimps bills.

darthv722816d ago

MS has made some bold claims about kinect that seem a bit off. Yet some are justified to an extent. You have to be open minded to understand that while they never said EVERYTHING kinect does has never been done before (even they arent that stupid to make such a claim). There are some thing kinect does that have NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE as you say.

The problem is selective reasoning. The simple fact that camera based control is not new. We all know that. Even before eyetoy, there have been gesture controlled applications and what not. What MS claims are that they have gone beyond that simple framework. To something that was not supposed to be available to the general public for another few years.

Everything we get, has been around far longer in design and in some cases military and government applications. Just look at how the internet started and how long it had been in place before we got to it. Anyway, you say they arent delivering on the promise of "you are the controller". I say they are. The difference of opinion is how we see the delivery as it relates to our individual definition of the term.

If they only made one game then (technically) they delivered on that promise. Sure both of us would agree that it isnt much of a delivery but you cant fault them for actually doing one game.

I call MS out on their bold claim of being able to scan in items to the game. Or having the whole fight thing with the ninja guy when the console sees you walk in the room. YEAH, those are promises I would like to see but the big production did what it intended to do. It got your attention.

You might think I am defending kinect but what I am actually defending is optimism. There should be nothing wrong with keeping an open mind about things but apparently that isnt the case. What I would call optimistic others would call naive. And for what? Having a different view on things is not a crime.

I like what kinect has to offer from a potential standpoint. You have to see past the crap on the surface and see there is something there that really could revolutionize entertainment.

I am just as skeptical as others are about kinect. Thing is, I am also optimistic that things will get better.