Call of Duty: MMO, the Possibility?

With not only the release of Black Ops less than a week away, and Sledgehammer games working on a title said to, "broaden the Call of Duty Audience", what further projects and possibilities could Activision and Infinity Ward have up their sleeves?

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Losi2632d ago

I for one would like the change and personally need something other than the usual WoW fantasy landscape.

kdogdaddy2632d ago

Agreed. I for one wholeheartedly look for some fresh new content breathed into the MMO-RPG genre.

PRHB HYBRiiD2632d ago

lol? mmo? o.o hell no i think halo would be kinda good for an mmo but cod??naa

soundslike2632d ago

doesn't mean grind quests, bad collision detection, turn-based action hybrid, fat-ass Napoleonic guild leaders, outdated graphics, tank-and-spank bosses, boring support classes, overpriced subscriptions, and depressing player base...

Think Planetside, not WoW

and if brink and the agency do half as well as hyped to be, its not a dumb move to plan ahead to this new style.

SgtRock2632d ago

Agreed- A persistent faction vs faction(s) bloodbath on a large scale would be great. IMHO, the price of admission needs to buy me a kick ass game with good performance, low ping connectivity, regular updates and additions without having to buy lame DLC, and a lot less cheating/ hacking douche-bags.