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Nowgamer writes:
It has more novelty value than anything else and it’s certainly not going set a Street Fighter-style trend, but the fact that it nearly works perfectly puts Fighters Uncaged a long way ahead of any other motion-sensing fighting game currently available.

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darthv722813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

This is what makes this device such a curiosity. I guess they need some type of fighter at launch but i feel they could have opted for less scripted moves and more freestyle.

I am actually looking forward to a game where instead of using gesture based actions, it is free flowing. The throwing of a punch or kick actually results in that action the way it was done by the player. Like a whimpy swing reacts on screen like a whimpy swing.

That would make it truly unique because no two people would be doing the same moves the same way and same animations. This is more of a button fighter without the buttons. The moves are all the same animations. Now it is up to someone else to see what kind of fighter they can make.

Avatar battle or something like that.

Killed4Less2813d ago

"but the fact that it nearly works perfectly puts Fighters Uncaged a long way ahead of any other motion-sensing fighting game currently available."

And it gets a 6.4? Not giving this place a hit so I assume they had some other issues.

morganfell2813d ago

Those comments don't line up with Eurogamer and Msxbox reviews at all. Or anyone else:

Cevapi882813d ago

would have been better for them to release a first person boxing would be the one game where all you use is your upper body...there are no special moves or kicks which can be awkward to do when playing a game like the one in the review

barom2813d ago

lol is Nowgamer wrong or are IGN, Joystiq and Eurogamer wrong?

KUV19772813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I admit that i, as a MOVE supporter, didn't think the whole kinect thing would come together this nicely in the end. I have seen it at GamesCom and it was still a mess there, but giving the press voices so far it seems to work rather well. And this fight-thingy seems to be better than the MOVE-Fight game. I am not going to buy an X-Box just because of this but props where props are due!

EDIT: OK, so other reviews for this title are rather bad. I still stand by my initial statement. The first MOVE-titles are also not the hottest thing. But given the bad expectations, Kinect does good so far.

n4gno2813d ago

are you kidding ? despite of all $$$ given, reviews are around 6, 7....when move was 8/9, without $$.

and the games are better too : re5, Mag, heayvy rain, tumble, sport champion, etc

Iramo2812d ago

For one thing most of the games you listed aren't move games like this one.and if i recall 2 move games flopped kung fu rider and the fight enjoy your one bubble and that cold troll bridge you troll.

barom2812d ago

Lets compare the reviews for similar titles from the same site shall we? This is taken from IGN.

Fighters Uncaged 2/10
The Fight: Lights Out 3/10
Kinect Sports 8/10
Sports Champions 7.5/10
Kinectimals 7/10
Eyepet 8/10

So I'm not sure how that translates to Kinect having better titles. Seems to me they're pretty darn similar.