Move's 250k headstart over Kinect‎

PlayStation on the offensive with £13m Q4 ad bonanza; Move has "sold well and continues to sell well".

Kinect may be stealing all the headlines, but Sony has come out fighting with a £13m ad blitz to drive the PlayStation business in Q4.

What’s more, the platform holder says it will have sold 250,000 Moves in the UK by the time Kinect hits the market – with half a million sold by Christmas.

“Move sold well and continues to sell well,” SCE UK marketing director Alan Duncan told MCV.

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wanaraceu2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I thought it was 1.5 million

Ok sorry just noticed it's talking UK numbers only

turnerdc2811d ago

...if I remember correctly.

Cold 20002811d ago

Yes you remebered correctly. Sony reported shipped numbers for Move.

Strange_Evil2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

^^^ Acting as if M$ won't do the same are we??? So till now M$ says 44 million 360's shipped which is all well and good and Sony ships 3 million move controller wordwide and suddenly it's blasphemy right!!! No bububu Sony shipped!!!! Like it or not, Sony is gonna count those 3 million.... And the sales will skyrocket come Christmas, so it's a great start for the Move.

Raikiri2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

1.5 million SHIPPED...


LordMarius2811d ago

lol, as if shipped vs sold matters when a product is in demand, if they keep shipping it means that its selling or otherwise retailers wouldnt be asking for more, but keep saying shipping does not equate sold

Sez 2811d ago

it's not blasphemy. sony went on record saying that they only report sold to consumer when they report sales and many fanboys have used this as to how sony is catching up to the 360. now they are switching to shipped numbers which now these same fanboys are saying thats how all companies report sells. which is a contradiction of their whole argument.

BrianG2811d ago

blah blah blah, shipped, yes

But shipped in HIGH DEMAND, so what does that mean? WILL SELL.

Same with Kinect right now. They have a number of units shipped. They said they sold out, but my friend just bought Kinect with no preorder in Jersey today at a local store. Sold out? No, but they will be sure, if the demand is high. Same applies for Move, might not be sold out everywhere but it will be if demand is really high.

-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I don't understand the disagrees for Cold and turner, I know they aren't liked, but I always see people interchanging "shipped to retail" and "sold to consumers" whenever it suits their convenience.

I know MS apparently means shipped all the time when they say sold, but when it comes to Sony's figures people are constantly interchanging the meaning, wth is going on?

A Cupcake for Gabe2811d ago

dude, cold is a troll. he won't many agrees ever, regardless of what he writes. look at his comment history.

turnerdc2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Haha, what's with all the hate?

@ Alpha
EDIT: That's a new one for me. Didn't know I was that hated around here, I think I post one comment every few days lol.

DemiT2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

For example, Sony stated that they report SHIPPED for MOVE.

Yet here they report:
"PlayStation on the offensive with £13m Q4 ad bonanza; Move has "sold well and continues to sell well"

Now I am really confused.
Does Sony report shipped to distribution warehouses?
Or do they report shipped to retailers?
Or do they report Sold to retailers?
Or do they report Sold to consumers?

What the hell are they reporting?
Why can't the people at Sony make up their mind?

Are they fudging they figures on purpose?

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CathyLorrain2811d ago

Last I read Move was:

US 1 million
Europe 1.5 million
Japan 500k I think

About 3 million Moves in the first month.

finnhima2811d ago

A 360 xbot trolls only line of defense nowadays. Saying that its "shipped"

DemiT2811d ago

Well, it is shipped.

Sony was forced to clarify this issue, otherwise you fanboys would go on and on about how Sony only reports sold to consumers, which clearly is a lie.

Kurisu2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

It'll be interesting to see how quickly Kinect catches up. I've seen my first Kinect advert on TV earlier this afternoon, it just involved people flailing, leaning and jumping, but I'm sure it will sell amazingly well. More than Move. I'm glad to see Move sell well here though :)

Fishy Fingers2811d ago

I saw that Kinect ad too, wasnt up to the usual MS ad standards, but then I'm not the usual target audience in this case. Neither Move/Kinects ads have been that special in the UK. Dont recall any of my mates expressing any real interest in either, but again, we're not the target audience.

divideby02811d ago

who cares how many units these things sell.
this year the games are just crap shovelware...

rush out and buy this stuff and play C or less type games

I am waiting till next year to buy either or both.. by than price drop and REAL games will be out...

its sad since I got the $$ to buy both, just not worthy of a spend to me...

big_silky2811d ago

remember guys, if kinect doesn't pull impressive numbers right away it's due to the move's 3 month headstart....

a 'lil tit for tat perhaps?

SpitFireAce852811d ago

Last time i checked Sept 17th to Nov 4th is not
3 months more like 2 months...:)

Raikiri2811d ago

it's just 250k,, i think Kinect has more pre-orders then that

Bigpappy2811d ago

What I can tell you is: Kinect is loads of fun. I am very serious when I say this. I spent all my time with Kinect anventure so far. That game is sooo much fun. I must be a kid at hart because I am loving kinect. 9/10 from me.

snp2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Goes both ways, though.

You and others like you have always dismissed the Xbox360's year/year and a half (Europe/SE Asia) market advantage as making any difference or being worth acknowledging (in discussions about each consoles sales/momentum/success). Remember all the calls of PS3 being 'third, and that's that. MS will release a new console soon and then the numbers end. PS3's lesser time in the market doesn't matter' etc. etc?

If the Kinect hasn't outsold the Move day one, or two, or twenty-five, being consistent to your own logic this must mean it's a failure versus the Move, right? Seeing as extra time on market isn't supposed to matter or to be something anyone should factor in when considering the relative success of a product?

Gotta say, it's also kinda funny that you've already ballooned out a ~one and half month gap (48 days) to 'three months'.

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