CNN First impressions: Microsoft's Kinect gaming system

CNN: I didn't get to test out the 11 other games that Microsoft says will use the new controller. But my experience with the initial six titles shows where Kinect will shine and where it will stumble.

Games that feature full-body movement make best use of what Kinect can offer. Syncing up your movements with the movements on the screen is a lot easier and more natural with Kinect than with a normal controller.

It's also hard to compare the Kinect to Sony's Move -- the two systems are like apples and oranges.

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raWfodog2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It simply touted the pros and cons of the hardware and software without taking digs at it or the Move.

I'm still not interested in getting either though :) I hope my kids don't ask for either one for xmas.

alb18992782d ago

I think move and kinect can give you differences experiences each so in the feature i'll buy both when price go down.

darthv722782d ago

I will be getting both as well. Each will have something to offer an eclectic gamer such as myself.

moparful992782d ago

holy crap ubiased mature conversation... ON n4g? Wow I kinda like this.. Won't last long though : (

crazyclown2782d ago

"Is it worth it? That may depend on whether you have kids -- and what kind of gamer you are."

Right there show Kinect's limits (which was already proven by the eyetoy)

Hence; buy only if u have kids or like playing these type of games

edhe2782d ago

Well... it you like the platform's games then yes of course you would buy it.

alb18992782d ago

Make no mistakes the limits of eyetoy are not the same as kinect. Kinect is way better machine and offer a lot more and better tech than eyetoy.

SmokeyMcBear2782d ago

better tech is one thing, utilizing the better tech in the games offered is a whole nother ball game.

alb18992781d ago

Give kinect time, it just arrive!

Silly Mammo2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Same can be said about the Move over the Wii. Yet the detractors just want to call it a Wii-clone.