VancouverSun Review: Xbox Kinect

VS: Journal arts writer Ben Gelinas, a lifelong game player, asked fellow arts writer Jamie Hall, who hasn't played a video game since Tetris, to help review Kinect this week. Here's what they thought of the technology:

Jamie: I thought it would be more interactive, more immersive. If Microsoft's trying to target people who aren't normally gamers, it certainly isn't the adults. The games the company is releasing all feel geared for the very young. And kids are already good at games these days, because that's part of their world.

Ben: Playing Kinectimals in particular made me feel all funny, almost alienated, like I was being talked down to. I get that it's for kids, but I'm not against having a virtual pet.

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Kain812638d ago

many Reviews i saw today for that, but mostly without a Score...why is that?

Pennywise2638d ago ShowReplies(7)
Moentjers2637d ago

the same reason as with al the other advertised-based media: afraid to lose income on advertising when giving bad reviews...

Afraid to miss a peace of the well-announced 500.000.000 $

tinybigman2637d ago

I would like to know also. Are they afraid to give it a score for fair of losing out on something?

I find this very shady.

Genecalypse2637d ago

Ah Vancouver sun you make me proud to live in BC

Sweeper_2637d ago

Are you guys sure theres enough tinfoil hats to go round

Pillville2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Coming from the person who thinks that a camera is a revolution.

-IronMan-2637d ago

They are waiting for Microsoft check to arrive in the mail from the 500million dollar advertisements. Before they put up the review score.

Like some reviewers gave it a 5/5 hahahaha bollucks. Of course those reviewers got their checks.

Clarence2637d ago Show
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