Neocrisis - Metroid: Other M Review

Neocrisis - As a person who has been a longtime fan of Metroid, the thought of Metroid: Other M being a story-driven game was both a blessing and a curse for me. On one hand, the curse, I knew what people were going to complain (read: WHINE) about. On the other hand, the blessing, it would be a story that we’ve only begun to get: Samus Aran’s back story.

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mshope102813d ago

i agree totally this is a great game the story did not ruin samus for me at all i liked it.and the voice acting was good i've heard much worse.the only thing fans of the series i see being mad at is the way you get your suit upgrades and weapons cause to don't find them they get activated when you get to where you need them which is like the other games but it feels weird and its my only problem with the game.and i want to mention i'm a huge fan of the series and fan like me this is a must play you won't be disappointed.the graphics are great and the controls are to this is one of the best game i played this year on any of my system which are wii,360,and if you have all the other metroids like me or want a great action game with exploration this is the game for you!!!!