Future Kinect Games Need More Than Your Body

Microsoft's Kinect slogan is "You are the controller". One day, that could change to, "You'll need the controller, too." Besides game-pad-free gaming, Microsoft is also working on ways to combine the controller with Kinect.

Alex Kipman, who spearheaded Microsoft's Kinect, tells website GamesIndustry that the company will of course continue to make controller-only games and Kinect-only games.

"What we haven't really talked about, but exist, are hybrid games," says Kipman. By this, he means games that use both the controller and Kinect to "make those experiences more immersive, more fun and more emotionally connected."

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frostypants2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Link has been removed.

Google has it cached though. :-)


If future Kinect games use a controller, aren't they completely crapping all over their primary selling point?

Weaksauce11382630d ago

Hybrid games are controller games that are enhanced by Kinect, they arent an abandonment of Kinect games and both worlds arent mutually exclusive. You would have to be one heck of a dense fanboy to think otherwise.

gypsygib2630d ago

Who cares if they're back-peddling, they should create a wand(s) or this thing won't last. Once the novelty wears off, Kinect won't have genres besides, mini-games, and fitness and people will lose interest. Wii's survived because it can still do traditional experiences using motion control. If MS want's motion control longevity, they're going to have to create a way to have more control in games.

gypsygib2630d ago

@ Killedforless

Mouse and keyboard are terrible, well the keyboard at least. How do you have full control of your movement speed on a keyboard - the keyboard is like a d-pad in terms of controlling movement that also causes tendonitis.

It's like having one analog stick, a d-pad, and an excess of buttons.

manwich252630d ago

After a recent playthrough of Mass Effect 2, I couldn't help but to think of the possiblities for using sheppards biotics. Bioware games in general have an ingame menu that would lend itself to kinect. Even in more traditional FPS reloads, crouching and melees could be incorperated and free up the controller.

frostypants2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

The problem is this is EXACTLY where the "unavoidable lag" issue comes in.

Think about it. Mass Effect 2 and games like it need quick reflexes by your on-screen character. Imagine a projectile is coming at have about 1 second to react. In your scenario, there are two options:
1) The traditional control method: quickly hit a button, onscreen character begins his duck animation, everything's peachy.
2) The motion method you propose, where YOU physically crouch. You begin your crouching motion. Only after you've crouched so-far does the game recognize what you're up to. This triggers the game to tell Shepard to crouch...his crouch animation begins and...BLAM! Too late, he took a missile to his face.

See the issue here? They'd likely have to completely tone down the gameplay to work with it, or make your interaction with Shepard a true 1-1 deal...which isn't likely in such a complex game.

And do you really want to play Mass Effect standing up constantly?

Killed4Less2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

unavoidable huh? So if the lag isn't noticeable is that still a problem for you? or do you bust out a caluclator and do the equations and if it doesn't come out perfect you cry?

Why have any of this motion stuff when the controller works better for all of it?? Why don't we demand Sony and MS remove the controller and use only mouse and keyboard because that has been proven to be the most accurate and the least amount of lag.

MS has stated that lag is something that can be adjusted with software. As long as it feels okay to the player what does it matter?

Kinect has already been shown to work sitting down and MS said the device can work sitting down just not for everything. I can absolutely see a game like ME using arms for biotic powers, throwing grenades, etc. Then using the voice recognition for the conversations.

It is about immersion for me and a hybrid experience with Kinect and controller would be fun. Of course, the Kinect stuff is optional and a person could use a controller for everything if they want.

BillOreilly2630d ago

No you just would use kinect for conversations it would add to the atmoshere using your own voice as you are shephard well mine was female but you get the point. You could use it for dialog and instead of selecting the wheel for biotics you gesture for the powers. It would be the dopest sh** ever. It could pause the action like it does now let you select a target then bam telekenisis.

Neko_Mega2630d ago

So did Kinect do bad or they just think a controller could make it better?

I think if they come out with a controller for it, they just say the are wrong about a controller free idea.

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