Joystiq: Sonic Free Riders review: Board to death

Joystiq: On paper, Sonic Free Riders probably sounded pretty cool. Actually, on second thought, it probably sounded like a cheap and easy way to make a Kinect launch game. I can see the instructions to the developer: "Hey guys, you know that third game in the universally panned Sonic Riders series that we shelved a few years back? Well, take it, make it work with Kinect just well enough to get past Microsoft, and get it out the door by November 4th. But don't, and we can't stress this enough, put any work into making it worthwhile."

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Narutone662817d ago

stated, the game is colorful. Otherwise, it would have gotten a 0/5.

ryuzu2817d ago

Hey come on this is better than Move's launch games!!!

<Double checks score>

Oh... um nvm.


8-bit2817d ago

Holy awful review batman!