Gran Turismo 5 Release on November 30, says Sony Store

The official Sony Store dated Gran Turismo 5 for November 30.

"Available on or about 11/30/2010. "

Can be real?

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Blaster_Master2669d ago

Oh snap! Guess its official.

Cloudberry2669d ago

Other rumor article said it's on 26th November.

These rumors leading at the end of this month, rather than December, at least...

Shadow Flare2669d ago

It's sort of kicking in now that soon I'm actually going to be playing gran turismo 5. Damn it's been a long time coming. Time to take some annual leave I think

Dee_912669d ago

i just hope its still this month atleast
i dont want to wait 1 more month

joydestroy2669d ago

can't be the 26th, not for the US anyway. games always release on tuesday's here so i'm likely to believe Nov 30, esp since it's on Sony's own site.

ryuzu2669d ago

Boy this launch date is more elusive than Snake in a Box....

I thought I'd fatigued out on it but reading some of the latest preview stuff has got me looking forward again.

Do it Sony!


Elwenil2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Do the math. From the time they announced they missed the deadline to Nov. 2nd and from the time Kaz said they went into production to Nov. 30th is about the same time. It's very possible.

UltraNova2669d ago

I cant think of a more waited launch date in the entertainment business..

wsoutlaw872668d ago

Im not totally sure but isn't the 26th black friday. that would defiantly cause some lines at 3 in the morning.

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RankFTW2669d ago

We should have been playing this game today :(.

dc12669d ago

Easy Rankftw.
We are getting the most refined version. I would rather have this, than..
Wading through a deep mission in Fall Out New Vegas only to have it break at the end.
(Trust me I love FONV)
By the way,.. Bethesda is aware that the “Render unto Caesar” quest is broken and is working on the fix

AngryFork2669d ago

I really hope not. I hate how games release on Tuesday's when everyone has work. I want the weekend to play this game it should be released on a Friday. If anything Thursday or something.

If it releases on a Tuesday/Wednesday it'll be so annoying.

Shane Kim2669d ago

You can always wait until friday to buy it.

Imperator2668d ago

I've always thought games release on Tuesday and not Friday becuase Movies release on Fridays. IDK if that's why though.

BeOneWithTheGun2668d ago

So, what you do is on Monday, cough a little at work. After lunch, complain of headache. Near 4 pm act really ill but say, "I can stick it out until 5". This shows dedication. Get in line at Gamestop/Best Buy at 9pm. Buy game at 12:01am. Play all night. At 7am right before passing out, call work, say you have chills and fever and won't be in. Power nap for 2-3 hours. Wake up, order pizza, and turn on PS3.

vhero2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

shopto have it listed for UK as 3rd of december which is the Friday of that same week and games come out Friday in the UK so I would say that is pretty much nailed on.

Pwee2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )


Steve_02669d ago

... store.

I love how the title's done, that is how it appeared in my mind.

Jamegohanssj52669d ago

Still would have made sense to release it during the Black Friday week.


EVILDEAD3602669d ago

Hope it's true..but it's a shame the game will miss the US Black Friday if that's the case..

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C L O U D2669d ago

Hmmmmm... sounds reasonabley legitimate.

Could be a deadline date if anything.

Nevertheless It sounds good!

Narutone662669d ago

it be true Sony. I would guess the marketing would start in a few days or maybe next week if the release date is set to the end of November.

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