Videogamer: Kinect Sports Review

Videogamer: I went into Kinect Sports fully prepared to hate it. Even as I was playing, I was making mental notes of technical slip-ups, unnecessary faffing about in menu screens, and peculiar design choices. But during the heat of a ferocious Track and Field competition with's Emily Gera, all of this got lost in a cloudy haze of excitement. As I watched the video replay at the end of the event (which I lost, I loathe to admit), the analytical part of my brain switched back on, and I was left staring at a video of me jumping, laughing, running on the spot, laughing some more, shouting taunts, throwing imaginary javelins, and pumping clenched fists into the air. The proof was right there on the screen, there was no denying it: I had a bloody good time.

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