CoD Black Ops Prestige Edition Veteran's Day Raffle to Support Deployed Servicemembers

Military charity Operation: Supply Drop is opening its doors with a fundraiser to build video game care packages to troops deployed in high threat provinces in Afghanistan and Iraq!

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Cat2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Leave it to Stephen to come up with a charity that will go to the guys in the real tough spots! These guys hardly get to shower, they don't need care packages with more shave gel and shampoo :)

maxcavsm2664d ago

Granted, there are still forward outposts that still use baby wipes and Goldbond footpowder by the truckload, but what fun is that?

It was great getting a care package in the mail from concerned citizens, only to crack it open to find socks and home baked goods that tasted like the soap that they came packed with.

Cat2664d ago

hehe, I send my brother baby wipes almost every package, he likes the little resealable packages that he can take with him wherever he goes. I try to find ones with Disney princesses on them. :D

simplenate2664d ago

Steve and I served together in Iraq back in the day. He told me about Operation: Supply Drop on the phone and I told him this story -

Our communications officer was somehow related to someone that worked at Nintendo of America. About six months into our year-long deployment, a package from Redmond, WA arrived. In it, was a GameCube, four wireless WaveBird controllers, and every first-party Nintendo title available at the time. It was the greatest care package we ever got.

What Steve is doing here is a great thing and it's bound to make a huge difference to a lot of our troops. I urge everyone who can spare a few dollars to donate.

macalatus2664d ago

My fellow Sony gamers, being a military vet myself, I totally support this activity for our good ol' guys in uniform who are over there in the "Stan Sand Box". They have answered their own "Call of Duty" much like I did 10 years ago, and they deserve a big thanks and some comfort packages such as candies, videogames, etc.

To our guys overseas: No matter whether you are a US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, or US Coast Guard personnel and whatever you job you may have, you signed up to be "America's Designated Ass Kicker". Keep up the good fight and come back home safe!! HOOAH!!

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

Jack-Pyro2664d ago

Actually U.S. Army Ranger's Lead the Way, All the Way!

maxcavsm2664d ago

HOOAH! See, now we're talking. With you with a Regiment? RLTW, baby!

Crel2664d ago

Superb idea! I hope everyone can try to spare a few dollars to get this cause going. I may not be an American, but I understand the need for this.

maxcavsm2664d ago

As for that, we're not just covering down on US folks. Camp Bastion is in Helmand as well, and that's the main UK base in Afghanistan. We're not forgetting our allies; they have Remembrance Day as well!

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