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T9X692786d ago

That's smart, start working on a sequel for a game you haven't shipped yet, and still don't have an exact date for. They should be focusing on finishing GT5 and getting it out before "working" on GT6, otherwise he's going to start getting death threats if GT5 don't get released soon lol.

Pillville2786d ago

ALL major software titles (games, OSs, business software, etc...) work and plan many versions ahead.

Not that you care, you're just here to troll.

T9X692786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yea I guess you're right, I'm sure ND starting working on Uncharted 3 before they U2 they finished U3, and I'm sure Lionhead started working on Fable 4 before they finished Fable 3, and I'm sure Epic Games started working on Gears 3 before they finished Gears 2 right? Developers start working on their planned projects after a game has gone gold, GT5 doesn't even have a confirmed release date yet they are stamping the disc now? Yea right.

@plb - Did you not read my comment? Yea he said it's being stamped right now, he also said Nov 2nd was the official release date, and look how that turned out. They also said they would have information on the new release date before the end of Oct. Here it is November and still nothing.

I never said it's not possible they are planning GT6 or already have ideas for GT6, I said it's stupid for them to say they are working on GT6, when they cant even provide a release date for GT5, yet it's being stamped as we speak.

Pillville2786d ago

I'm sure they actually did. I'm a professional software developer, I know what is involved in making these things.

If you had any idea how complicated today's software systems were, you'd know how stupid you sound.

InfectedDK2786d ago

When you create something new for a console like Killzone 2 or GT5 your next game is gonna get a lot easier to make. So ofcourse they are thinking ahead planning the next game. When they have made the new platform for their game they haven't just made that game but the new platform. We'll probably see GT6 in 2012.
Can't wait for GT5!! GOTY!

Shadow Flare2786d ago

Tx9, did ya think that maybe theyre working on GT6 cos GT5 is finished??

DOI !!!

thehitman2786d ago

lots of things that developers use from their previous games to make headway on their next. Usually ideas/things they cut out last minute because was too late too implement them. Happened in UC1 with UC2 happened with KZ2 for KZ3 pretty sure almost every dev does it that plans to make a sequel. Also a date is irrevelant at this point I know for sure it will be out before year end if they decide to tell us the date a day before wouldnt change anything.

Yi-Long2786d ago

.... my grandchildren will be so excited when this comes out!!!

Dee_912786d ago

or just plain dumb

i guess he think that games gets released and or a release date the day they finish the game

Kaz mentioned they were working on gt6 a few weeks after e3

Strikepackage Bravo2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Its probably not a good idea to tell folks your working on GT6 when you still dont even have a release date for GT5.

He probably should have said right now our main focus is getting GT5 out.

You guys are way too defensive of anything Sony, you really need to grow a pair and demand better from them, this is ridiculous that we still have no release date, it was totally unprofessional a long time ago, and Sony/Poly should be ashamed of this blatant lack of respect they are showing the fans. Talk about amateur hour like behavior.

Steve_02786d ago

Come on! Why is GT6 taking so long??? It's had like 98238082634sin pi log e delays already! How can I buy GT5 when GT6 is just around the corner???


SuperM2786d ago

Why the hell should he focus on GT5 when the game is done??? GT5 is no longer in production. Also T9X9 im pretty sure Gears3 started in development before Gears2 finished. And if Lionhead is making fable 4 then the game is probably already in production. Development on Motorstorm Apocalypse started well before pacific rift was out just to give an example.

Its natural for developers to want to get a head start when making a new game. At different stages in development you require different type of resources. So at the late stage of development they put resources they dont need to finish the game to work on the next project.

DeadlyFire2786d ago

GT 6 on PS4. GT 5 took 5 years development.

ExplosionSauce2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Come on. Maybe you should focus on keeping up.

nycredude2786d ago


If you fvcking watch the making of docu of Uncharted 2 on PSn you would have known that immediately after they finished UC1 they started brainstorming for UC2. Some studios even have a small team start on the sequel of their game before they finished the current project if a sequel was already planned. This being a racing game it's guarantee to have a sequel. How many fvcking Forzas have there been in the last 5 years?

This only proves that Gt5 is done and in the production process.

k-Lan2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )


Why so angry? T9X69 has a point whether you like it or not. A hug and a few kleenex would do you some good.

"I never said it's not possible they are planning GT6 or already have ideas for GT6, I said it's stupid for them to say they are working on GT6, when they cant even provide a release date for GT5, yet it's being stamped as we speak"

BLAM! There it is!

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Pwee2786d ago

Keep up, GT5 is finished and printing it now just a case of waiting!

Jamegohanssj52786d ago

GT6 will be released before GT5 confirmed!


ULTIMATE_REVENGE2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

The games finished, gone gold and is now in Sony's hands and NOT PD's

Think before you speak.

avengers19782786d ago

Get GT5 out before you talk about a game that won't be out for 20years.

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dtrain212786d ago

So GT6 will prolly come out in 2020

raztad2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

People said something similar about KZ3, when KZ2 took at least 4 years to make. And well, I'm bug testing KZ3 beta, with release data Feb/22/2010.

Point is. Engine is ready, Premium cars are GT6 quality already. They just need to figure out what new stuff they want in the sequel, add new more premium cars and here you go GT6.

thief2786d ago

Thats a good analogy. Both games also had a lengthy artificial delay after the game was almost done, for KZ2 to avoid clashing with Resistance 2 and GT5 to polish a few features. I would expect xmas 2012 at the latest for GT6, with an enhanced track editor, further improvement in damage modelling and premium cockpit views in all cars.

nycredude2786d ago

Don't forget Uncharted 2 took only 18 months or so, with more content and more polish than pretty much everything.

Naughty Dogs don't count though. They use magic.

k-Lan2786d ago

;) The magic of the cell.

Convas2786d ago

Yep, we'll be seeing GT6 in exactly 10 years. How does this work? Why isn't the main priority getting GT5 out of the door?

big_silky2786d ago

because nobody at sony has a fire under their ass. everything is either delayed or has a release date of "whenever*

Akagi2786d ago

How can they make it even more of a priority? Ramp the stamping machines up to 11? They're filling demand, pre-orders and such. Just because they don't have an agressive ad-campaign like a M$ game, don't think it isn't a priority for Sony.

frankymv2786d ago

Yamauchi has previously mentioned GT6. Said it would not take nearly as long to develop it since they will use many elements from 5.

Strikepackage Bravo2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

games in GT5, around 800 elements to be exact, (cars from previous games) and it still took them 5 years.

DigitalAnalog2786d ago

Even though it uses "elements" from Alone in the Dark 4 (using light to defeat enemies).

-End statement

Finalfantasykid2786d ago

They re-wrote the engine essentially from scratch. And not to mention the premium cars are so detailed, they map just about every fine detail there is on the car.

I think the engine (physics and graphics) + the premium cars is what took them 80% of the time to make the game. I don't think you comprehend the detail there is in this game.

Esena2786d ago

Maybe it will quack like a duck???... :)

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