Kinect Reviews Roll In As Embargo Ends

A look at the first reviews of Microsoft's new Kinect device.

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Omega42666d ago

I think its safe to say the scores are a lot higher than most thought they'd be.

plb2666d ago

True I suppose. I was thinking 1's and 2's but have seen some 6's which blew my mind.

ct032666d ago

I count exactly two, amidst mostly 8's, with an average of 7.9

ryuzu2666d ago

The Eyetoy:Play has 8/10 at Metacritic. I think Kinect and it's games will struggle to have by the time the dust settles lol.

<Picks up phone> Hey Stevie B- the $500 million isn't working. I propose packing in Lipstick and Nail Polish for all those Oprah Moms who aren't buying it!


Jaces2666d ago

I just checked Metacritic earlier and a lot of Kinect games are getting really low marks, I think the highest is Dance Central with 84.

Ouch ;P

darthv722666d ago

I been on this site long enough to know how the reviews work in the eyes of the N4G crowd.

A positive review on a competitive product denote paid.

A negative review on a competitive product denotes bias.

That pretty much sums it up.

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jahcure2666d ago

do you have your kinect yet? Have you uploaded any videos on youtube?

2666d ago
hi22666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

that's because almost half of the reviews are missing scores

Highlife2666d ago

Who cares about the reviews just look at the games. Do you really want to play that crap!! REALLY!!!

hi22666d ago

nope,but that doesn't change the fact that almost half of the reviews are missing scores

Philoctetes2666d ago

Exactly. I wouldn't care if Kinect was getting nothing but 10s across the board. It's crap to me until it shows me some well-made core games.

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Boody-Bandit2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Okay Kinect has officially launched Omega. Where are the pics of yours? I put a call out to all that defend this move by MS to show pics that they themselves have purchased one. Where is yours?

I am a 360 gamer. I was interested in Natal at E3 09 but lost all hope when Kinect was shown at E3 2010. I would honestly pick one up if it had a much cheaper MSRP (79.99) and the games were $29.99 instead of 49.99. Just for the novelty of it. At least, unlike most, I am honest about it.

Do reviews or sales really matter of a device and it's games when they are not geared towards the current 360 user base? Now if you are a consumer of this product, then yes, of course they matter. Personally I don't think you, and most other defenders of this device, are consumers of this product. Prove me wrong. If not then what purpose do you have to talk it up on every article?

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gigaware2666d ago


N4G 360 Kinect AVERAGE: 7.9

So far

2666d ago
Biggest2666d ago

Ouch! That does hurt. Now review scores trump reality. My Move isn't accurate. My Move isn't compatible with games I previously owned. My Move is a laggy camera with fitness games that I don't need and super awesome Tamagotchi pets in HD.

It's a good thing that review scores are there to remind us that money matters.

Seraphemz2666d ago

N4G average? What validity does that have?

lelo2play2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Bubbles for Omega4...

Kinect's launch games are probably getting better average scores then Move's launch titles. After all the crap Kinect has been having from some sites in the last months, it's turning out better then i thought.

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theafroman2666d ago

im shocked on how the games are the reviews aren't exactly stellar event dance central was scored alright 63 is good.still i feel like kinect will sell well from the advertisements Microsoft definitely disappointed me

0oAngeluso02666d ago

Try it and you'll want to buy it. I was at the midnight launch. For the launch of a console, which is exactly what this is, the games are fun and you cant ask for much more then that. It's why we play games in the first place. I am sure there are heartbroken PS3 fanboys here today. The main reason is because Kinect is literally everywhere, secondly the reviews are solid, the game reviews are solid. Thirdly the console itself is selling like crazy.

I'd suggest Sony fans get over it and "Move" on, get it? Move on? lol

hi22666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

so kinect is a console now?so can it run without the 360 then?

jmare2666d ago

No. He means it's like the 32X. And we all know how that one turned out.

0oAngeluso02666d ago

It's nothing like 32x. I know people or rather Sony fans tried to make that comparison, it's just an attempt to wish something would fail this time. If you didn't know anything about video game history then you would make a stupid statement like that.
32x failed because Sega was in flux, it should have made the 32x a console in and of itself. Sega abandoned it right at launch and started working on the Saturn. Microsoft will not abandon Kinect, it's going to sell 5+ million units this year. Had 32x done that then Sega would have supported it farther.
What exactly is a Wii? It's simply a Gamecube with a slightly faster processor and some motion controls added in. They overclocked the graphics and there ya go. They just slow it down a bit to play the Gamecube games in the Wii.

Microsoft took a page from Nintendo's book and realized Graphics aren't everything, it's fun that matters. Throw in the superior XBL support on all the games and that is why Kinect is better then the competition.

jmare2666d ago

You take this shit way too seriously. I was merely making a joke and you got all, "Nuh-uh! Kinect is not 32X!!" Relax, it's a joke. Just because you believe that Kinect is the second coming, it doesn't mean anyone else will. Kinect will probably sell reasonably well; anything will if you throw enough marketing behind it. However I think it will fall into the general motion control pitfall of being a novelty and once the novelty wears off, it will just sit there like the Wii and Move before it.

And the only thing MS took from Nintendo is the idea that motion controls sell. That and WiiSports, Nintendogs, etc, etc, etc. But then again, so did Sony.

Boody-Bandit2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Angelous got pics of it in your home? Read my comment above. I would really like to see pics from people like yourself that have been relentlessly defending a device that does not cater to the core audience of the 360. I don't doubt that quite a few N4G members purchased Kinect or will do so shortly but you yourself claim you have one right now.

Humor me, put me in my place and tell me to STFU by posting your pic of Kinect. I look forward to be proven wrong by as many Kinect defenders as possible. I don't expect many to slap me in the face with those pics though.

I think the majority of you are full of it.

Calm Down Sunshine2666d ago


You're the perfect customer. Congratulations.

Unbornkirkster192666d ago

Could not have put it in better words haha.

Cenobia2666d ago

That comment made me throw up in my mouth a little.

So the the tech is getting good reviews and everyone already knows that the sales will be off the charts, but I honestly don't see why anyone on this website is backing Kinect (PS or MS supporters).

This website is made up of core gamers, but for some reason a lot of people are loving this tech. The only people that should care are casuals and people with kids.

The fact is that MS will now waste what little resources they devote to making games, into making them for Kinect. I don't quite understand why people are so ecstatic about that, especially when they haven't even shown a fudging TECH DEMO that proves Kinect can be utilized for core games.

I wish people would see it's limitations before getting all excited about the sales. When Move was first announced most people didn't care because it didn't have analog sticks (I certainly didn't). Why? Because it prevented any real core game applications and removed the ability to MOVE IN 3D SPACE. Sony fixed that issue (or revealed the real product) and people got back on board.

Now they release Kinect, which can't move more than 2 feet in each direction, or perpetually forward, but I haven't heard shit about the same exact concern.

I find it unbelievable that any core gamer is behind this. MS needs to invest in first party studios instead of dropping millions into an overpriced peripheral.

2666d ago
Boody-Bandit2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Post some pics. I want to see those shiny black cameras from you Kinect consumers. I'm jealous.
*holding breath while waiting*

I have 83 people on my friends list. I am on XBL right now playing Vanquish. Currently I have 21 active people online right now. None of them are playing Kinect.

Cenobia2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

What exactly are you looking forward to though?

Are you actually interested in playing the ridiculous boat game, or are you looking at the fitness and dance games?

I can see a reason to buy it if you like fitness games, but how many fitness games can you buy. Kinect is extremely limited in what it is able to do for gaming. If you can't control your movement in 3D space then you are going to get on-rail and simon-says-like games (ie fitness and dance).

That would be fine if it was $50 dollars, but it isn't and it is being hailed as the second coming.

Philoctetes2666d ago

Which Kinect game are you enjoying the most?

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CellularDivinization2666d ago

I sure hope Move beats Kinect. Kinect sucks because it is not Move. I only love Move, because it is a high quality, inexpensive, totally original device from the graceful minds of Sony.

dosgrtr2666d ago

ever heard of the eyetoy?

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