Kinect back in stock at GAME

Remember those Kinect launch day stock fears? If you've had a last minute change of heart and decided you do want one of Microsoft's motion sensing cameras after all, you can still order a Kinect for launch day delivery from GAME's website.

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Omega42810d ago

Now that MS have upped their estimation to 5ml its no surprise that stock allocations have increased. They are gonna need to keep it in stock if they want to reach their target.

Christopher2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

LOL. Yes... no wonder they just suddenly came up with new stock on release after all the hype of it being built up because they didn't have stock initially. It's amazing how they were just magically able to create some new boxes out of thin air.

C'mon, it's marketing. Good marketing. It was a planned stunt to get people interested in the product through the hype of it being sold out.

It's kind of a given that Kinect will sell well. There's no way you invest $500m and it doesn't in today's market. But let's be truthful about these 'stock shortages' at the least.

FordGTGuy2810d ago

that GAME is located in the United Kingdom where Kinect has yet to launch right?

Wait, why would I expect a fanboy to be intelligent enough for that.

Jdoki2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


What does that have to do with it?

Many retailers have said for quite some time that Kinect was sold out, or was going to have limited stock - the GAME near me has had a sign up for about 3 weeks saying stock is limited. And yet just before launch MS suddenly find a load of Kinect boxes just laying around in a warehouse???

GAME will have known for months their allocation. So either:

a) MS have been withholding stock to create buzz and demand
b) GAME were asked by MS to hold back pre-orders until close to launch
c) MS have reallocated stock from another retailer to GAME
d) Kinect has less pre-orders than we were lead to believe, so there's a surplus of units
d) MS have magically managed to produce thousands more Kinect units overnight, and already sorted the logistics of getting them to retailers

Pick whichever you think is most plausible, but if you go for d), congrats - you're a 360 fanboy

Christopher2810d ago

Call me a fanboy all you want, but I've yet to have anyone explain to me how this isn't a marketing stunt. Hell, even Sony did it with the Move it was annoying as hell. But, when Sony did it, 360 fans agreed with me. Now that Microsoft is doing it, 360 fans call me a fanboy.


ryuzu2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Kinect "back" in stock? I think they mean Kinect was "never out of" stock.

I guess the US sales have been slower than hoped by MS so they're shipping over the unsold boxes and giving up the "lack of stock" marketing ploy...


FordGTGuy2810d ago

Your were clearly stating that after release that they found a way to restock stores, that is the bullshit part. They haven't released it in the UK yet, in fact it doesn't release until the 11th, all they did was increase allocations to the amount of preorders that could be taken at GAME.

As of right now the stores in America are still sold out until their stock is replenished in a week or less.

Christopher2810d ago

So, FortGTGuy, next time I can't relate to the initial release of a product, I have to relate it to just in a specific region? My comment still stands up. The initial hype is over, stock will become available worldwide now.

Microsoft produces X amount of boxes for initial stock. Stores are told how many they will get in order to take pre-orders. They don't receive boxes until one or two weeks prior to release, if even that long in some locations.

Now, we've known for about three weeks now that stock has been an issue. It takes a long time to manufacture, package, and ship boxes to their destinations. Yet, Microsoft was able to increase the quantities of stock right as the product was released (in NA) in all regions. Even is mentioning that more stock is incoming in the next week.

It's the same thing they did with Move, only Microsoft does it ever so much better. They do it for two reasons. First to create hype due to demand of a product which gets others interested in a product that people must really want if the 'unknown amount' of current stock are sold out. Second, and just like with the Move, people end up buying the more expensive bundles for the product.

***As of right now the stores in America are still sold out until their stock is replenished in a week or less. ***

Exactly. How can Microsoft suddenly create stock for the American release in its first week and not at the same time have stock for regions in which is hasn't been released yet? They can't. Stock hyping only works if everyone is out of stock, but since they aren't doing a worldwide release (which would have been so much more beneficial for Microsoft), they can't do that with each regional release.

FordGTGuy2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

When your talking about a gaming store located in a region where the product has yet to launch than yes you have to be region specific.

They didn't stop making Kinects they are constantly shipping them out to all regions. Simple it released yesterday in the United States meaning that all the inventory that was being held in America is now sold to customers. It takes a while to ship across the world and if they are being built in China it would take at least a week for it to reach its destination in either America or the United Kingdom.

There is no reason for a company to skip out on sales, creating artificial demand doesn't really drive sales as much as you think they do. The Wii sold because it was a Nintendo console with a new look at gaming that attracted a wider audience.

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Highlife2810d ago

hey omega what do you think of this

Or do you think that is ok too! Judging by your avatar you might be missing out on some features. That ain't right.

Kinect fails.

vhero2810d ago

LOL have said all retailers have got low stock in UK so that's clearly not the case so quit with the crap Omega4. No doubt people have dropped there pre-orders for whatever reason OR GAME only took a few pre-orders at first until they found out there allocation and when they finally got there allocation added the extra stock to website.

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dtrain212810d ago

Sales are gonna go thru the roof. Its gonna be hard to find one this holiday

kneon2810d ago

It's pretty easy right now, my local best buy had about 50 console bundles and about half as many standalone Kinects. But there wasn't one setup to try. It was just the regular 360 display as well, nothing to indicate anything new except a small Kinect sign. The PS3 Move display is the first one you see when you enter the gaming area so they don't seem to really be pushing Kinect much. The pile of Kinects has nothing to attract people that don't already know what it is.

When Move launched they had it set up for you to try and had someone there demoing the product, I had expected the same for Kinect.

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Sez 2810d ago

Good to hear I'll be getting it tomorrow after work. Can't wait

2810d ago
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