Metroid: Other M - The Neocrisis Review

Darkpower writes: "There's nothing to whine about with Other M. I urge the whiners to stop and see that story-driven Metroid games have become the norm. I don’t want Samus to be some silent Mary Sue. I WANT her to have character flaws so I know that I can relate to her, and I WANT her to convey her messages in ways that shows she’s not a mute. It’s not her “whining” or her “being emo”. It’s her showing her humanity, which is what this game does to the series. It shows that it doesn’t have to stay one way.

Nintendo might’ve not struck gold here, but silver with its voice acting that gets better as the game progresses, lush graphics and excellent music pieces, near perfect controls, and a story line that only needed better telling of the back story elements for better understanding. I hope Nintendo does more of Metroid games like Other M in the future, because in the game play and story, Nintendo's sitting on a damn gold mine that is just calling for them to just find it."

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