Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review (Strategy Informer)

Strategy Informer: "Time Crisis: Razing Storm is an exciting prospect indeed, and one that partially hits the mark. See, the problem is that, while the two older titles are definitely welcome additions and will have you blasting away for hours on end, the new stuff is rather pap. Playing the actual Razing Storm game is like having a lesson in how not to make an arcade shooter, and the new story mode is even worse."

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edgeofblade2816d ago

This is probably what will get me to adopt Move.

I remember TC4 fondly because I was playing at an arcade with one of those swipey cards. I tried playing the whole game through, right down to my last credit on the card. I was at the final boss, and I put the final bullet thought his noggin... a split second AFTER I lost my last hit point. In the delay between the last life losts and the continue screen, I squeezed in one last shot and won.

Postmortem win.

jneul2816d ago

go buy it, i just got my copy today (early for uk release), and it's awesome and the move is super precise on it and alot less fuss than a guncon, also there are crazy weapons and oh pirates and wheel steering and cannons :-D