Heavenly Sword - "Sexy Redhead Drops it like it's hot" Part 2

Here is the second segment to the first video that was presented to gamers courtesy of Jan, game designer. In this new video, Nariko demonstrates even more advanced physics made possible on the PS3.

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TriggerHappy4124d ago

when she isn't cracking enemies nuts and fighting 1000+ enemies on screen, she looks even better.

Lord Anubis4124d ago

Who ever made the user created model is either extremely good in animation or has access to Mo-Cap.

duarteq4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Jan Neves is the name, is not the first time he makes things like this. He is well known in Portugal and his works are always at gameover ( A portuguese gamer site ). U can see other works from him at

If i were a Virtual Char i would like a shaggy with nariko lol

synetic4124d ago

another amazing work of jan neves , he is really good in 3D modeling and animation

Leg-End4124d ago

360 fanboys are avin a toss right now, all over the globe, fu(kin gettin their di(ks out and $hit

Saint Sony4124d ago

This is lame. She is hot enough without this stupid crap. She does not dance.

Manny_d4123d ago

this game is so awesome men..