Black Ops sold early for £200

Critical Gamer writes: Are you one of the millions of people looking forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops? If so, just how excited are you? Two people were looking forward to it so much, they were prepared to pay over £200 each to get a copy just a few days early – as these pictures prove.

Somehow, one UK gamer managed to get hold of not just one but two copies of Black Ops for the Xbox 360 to sell on ebay. We’ve hidden his/her ebay ID here, but it will be easy enough for anybody – including Activision – to discover it by searching Completed Listings.

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scruffy_bear2758d ago

Would you spend that sort of money just to get it a few days early, I hope they know they can't play online

T9X692758d ago

They can play online, there have been leaked videos of Zombies being played in online co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I agree, I wouldn't spend that much to get any game early, but lucky for me I have a mom and pop store on my block, so I might be able to pick this up tomorrow :)

scruffy_bear2758d ago

Didn't know that, thought the server were down till launch

T9X692758d ago

Na every online MP game has the servers turned on well before launch to ensure they are up and running properly come release. Reach's servers were up and running well over a week before it was released. I got Splinter Cell Conviction almost a week early and the servers were up. It was pretty cool though because since I got it so early, the only people I kept playing with were the developers, apart from the few random people I got paired up with.

scruffy_bear2758d ago

Cool thanks, you learn something new everyday

Jim Crikey2758d ago

Okay, it would be nice to get it a few days early, but... £200??!?

And £2 postage of course.

chrisnick2758d ago

talk about being a sucker.

DavidMacDougall2758d ago

I can get it on saturday for 50, but i really can't be arsed spending 10 more on it than i have too.

Mondayding2758d ago

How the other half lives - too much money and bugger all common sense. Bet the buyer's called Nice But...

Klipz-Wish2758d ago

*sigh* people just dont know what to do with money.. now who exactly is this guy gonna play online with?

FAGOL2758d ago

well retailers are already sending out copies early for no extra charge. I'm getting my copy on friday.

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The story is too old to be commented.