10 great video games with terrible storylines

GGG: "Alfred Hitchcock once said that to make a great film, you need three things: "the script, the script and the script."

Unfortunately, the video games industry has failed to take this sentiment to heart. We've lost count the amount of times we’ve been immersed in a single-player campaign, only to have the atmosphere ruined by ropey dialogue, unexplained plot holes or deus ex machina that pop out of nowhere.

Ironically, if the average video game was a movie, it would be written and directed by Uwe Boll.

In the following article, we take a look at some universally loved video games that didn't quite deliver on the story front. While they remain great games in their own right, a little spit-and-polish on the script could've turned them into timeless classics.

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grumpysmurf2790d ago

"#5: Every fighting game, ever."


Lightsaber2789d ago

those are not the 10 worse but they are all pretty bad

Downtown boogey2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Metal Gear Solid series is in there thus the author is just dumb :/

Also, it would've been nice if there were any details really and not just empty claims.

Galaxia2789d ago

This is a troll site. Every artcle I've read from here is flamebait trolling.

Dragon Age: Origin's is on this list. That games story is amazing, and the characters are so well developed.

And Metal Gear being on here proves it.

Tuxedo_Mask2789d ago

"This arguably reached its zenith with Metal Gear Solid 5."

Metal Gear Solid 5? Unless they're talking about Peace Walker Metal Gear Solid 5 doesn't even exist yet.

Pen Pooh2790d ago

"Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy if you... the master of unlocking... take it with you."

Theonik2789d ago

"You were almost a Jill sandwich!

Rocket Sauce2789d ago

"Stop! Don't open...that door!"

PS360fanboy2789d ago

What a troll list... Final Fnatsy VII and the MGS series? Those are some of the best plots in videogames!

This list fails.

Downtown boogey2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

MGS was great but FFVII... Good ideas, yeah, but the dialog is terrible and the plot doesn't make a lot of sense indeed. A freaking meteor is about to crash into the planet and suddenly, after going thru all sorts of more vague conflicts and lethal confrontations the party members have to find something worth fighting??? Why just now?? Why not fight for, let's say, EVERYTHING THEY KNOW SINCE THE METEOR IS GOING TO DESTROY THE PLANET IF THEY FAIL??!!

Yeah about that meteor... It's summoned by Sepiroth so that it can hurt the planet and he may then go to where the meteor crashes and drain energy from the planet... Riiiight...

Saladfax2789d ago

Both FFVII and MGS are spectacular games with excellent execution of narrative... mostly. To put them on a top ten worst is asinine and, as others mentioned, flamebait.

MGS, especially number 4, suffered from over-writing concepts that are explained in as excess detail as card games duely-things in Yu-Gi-Oh! This, of course, is due to the creative control exercised by the rockstar developer (Kojima). They're all great, but they could have used a bit of editing to trim down the awkward bits and unnecessary dialogue.

I don't know if FFVII suffered from translation issues or not, but the dialogue in that is very stilted at times. The high concept is fine, as is the through-line of action. Sometimes the character development is a little wonky, and, especially Cloud seems to have a bit of a schizophrenic nature, flitting between courageous leader, insecure whiner, and brooding soldier.

DeadIIIRed2789d ago

Almost half of this list doesn't deserve to be on here. Judging by the authors taste I would have assumed Halo would be on here, but nope. In fact he doesn't even mention any 360 games.

BornToKill2789d ago

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?!

The people that run this website better lock their doors.

ps: it won't help.

T9X692789d ago

Uncharted 2's story was stupid, so yes it was terrible. Drakes Fortune's story was so much better.

Lordsolidusx2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Aren't the stories in both Uncharted games kind of similar? Drake looks for treasure but has to deal with bad guys. So either way if you talk about one games story your basically talking about both games.

jony_dols2789d ago

Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark is pretty similar to the last crusade.

Both involve hunting for a mystical religious relic,
both involve crazy Nazis interested in the paranormal,
both are frickin amazing.

Rocket Sauce2789d ago

I thought the author was going to call it out for recycling the creatures from Drake's Fortune. As much as I love Uncharted, that was really lazy.

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thief2789d ago

I guess FF7, MGS and Uncharted really need to pick up a few tips on storytelling from the Halo and Gears franchises

Dark-Cloud2789d ago

halo and gears ?...
fanboys are crazy !!!!!!!!!!

TekoIie2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Wow fanboy, just wow. Halo??? Halo is a classic case of unimaginativity. "We are superhumans who where super armor and are super tall.... YEH" Uncharted story is great and if the cinematic scenes within the game dont help that then i want to know what thief if smoking...

EDIT: oh and gears has a good story but it really doesnt tell it well at all. There was just ONE good cutscene whith Maria which was very dramatic and incredible and thats all the credit i will give Gears for storyline...

Kornholic2789d ago

Thief was only being sarcastic you morons.

Steven212789d ago

Christ lol its called sarcasm

soundslike2789d ago

hahah *zooom*

i guess we really do have a lot of 10 year olds on here. Whats a sarcasm?

Aleusia2789d ago

Considering nearly everything on this moron's list is Japanese, he seems to have a clear bias against them. His opinion is invalid and honestly, this article pissed me off. People who hate on things with such emptiness, that can't even back up their points is a huge grievance of mine.


I hope the article writer gets shot. That's harsh but I don't care.

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leonlion2789d ago

The halo series escaped this article

Because its flamebait disguised as an article

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