EMEAA Weekly Chart for week ending 30th Oct 2010

DS - 174,992 (+38%)
PS3 - 155,366 (+12%)
Wii - 118,139 (+39%)
360 - 108,768 (+32%)
PSP - 62,267 (+11%)
PS2 - 43,972 (+25%)


1:(360) Fable III - 322,013
2:(DS) Professor Layton and the Lost ... - 125,313
3:(Wii) Wii Sports Resort - 117,096
4:(Wii) Wii Party - 114,276
5:(Wii) Just Dance 2 - 111,437
6:(Wii) Wii Sports - 102,271
7:(PS3) FIFA 11 - 91,710
8:(360) Fallout: New Vegas - 86,553
9:(360) FIFA 11 - 75,643
10:(PS3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - 74,551

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The-Tentacle2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

PS3 <20k behind the DS!!

Guess Xbox slim and reach effects have well and truly worn off. I doubt that Kinect will have the effect on actual console sales that MS expect.

Xbox is still up 32% from the slim and reach effect but expect that to drop even lower as they continue to wear off.

units2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

360 is up 32% and i wouldnt going around making bold claims until we have seen the effect of kinect has on sales

@The-Tentacle nice edit

GamingGamer2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Halo and Fable effect....

And PS3 is out selling Slim by 50 percent without GT effect

but i have no idea how accurate this is coming from VGchart

Killed4Less2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

People holding off for the Kinect Bundle I assume.

There actually up and it's wearing off? Do you get kicked in the head by a mule or something?

edit: stealth edit your comment.. lame

NecrumSlavery2694d ago

Over 300k for Fable 3, yet it seemed to move no systems.

KingME2694d ago

Okay so VGcharts is a good thing this week? Sorry, It's hard to keep track.

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gunnerforlife2694d ago

i swear i read Ps3 and 360 were neck and neck separated by 50 thousand a few weeks ago and now they've separated by what more then a million:S

Ju2694d ago

Yeah. And they still can't resist to play their game with the ps3 numbers. Even though they had to correct weeks of ps3 numbers, they are back on low guessing those and over estimating 360 numbers. There is no reason to believe after that desaster from last week that the 360 would grow so much more than ps numbers - given they have been wrong in the past.

tinybigman2694d ago

listen halo isnt as big in europe like it is in the states, so i expected it to die fast. as for everything else round 1 fight lol. good numbers all around though.

belal2694d ago

looks like 360 slim effect plus reach is over. but wow ps3 is looking as strong as evver, imagine price cut for ps3 at 199!!! it will be like overkilling the competition.

Iramo2694d ago

vgchartz made this so it is a 100% rumor of lies.

Imperator2694d ago

Yep, VGchartz made this so add a few thousand to the PS3 and take a few thousand from the 360 and you should have numbers very similar to the real thing.

Iramo2694d ago

vgchartz is always posting crrap so no one really knowsa the true numbers nowadays but sales don't matter to us real gmaers excuse me while i game for an hour

cmrbe2694d ago

is this crap still posted?. I thought we all agree that VGcrap is crap?.

big_silky2694d ago

vgc is only reliable when it's good news for sony, haven't you learned that?


Doesn't matter what are the stats.

VG still is unreliable source, there are a lot of cases with wrong number sales, wrong stats.

gunnerforlife2694d ago

loool at big_silky

i'm guessing you forgot about 08 07 06...
and how VG was hailed as NPD by 360 fans?


VG still here, misinforming the users.

SmokeyMcBear2694d ago

yes vg was always crap. The numbers were always found to have overestimated 360 numbes and underestimated ps3 numbers. get with the program.

TheOldOne2694d ago

vgchartz is such an unreliable site.

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