Msxbox - Kinect hardware review

With their hands on the final piece of kit, what's Msxbox-world's view on the latest Xbox 360 toy.

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ConanOBrien2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


it's 8/10 not 10/10

The-Tentacle2788d ago ShowReplies(3)
Omega42788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Looks like it delivered.

You got that right
Dance Central 83 aver
Kinectimals/ Kinect Sports 76 aver

Looks like the best motion tech launch lineup so far

eferreira2788d ago

That fighting uncaged got a 2/10.

jjmustoe2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

move had better reviews
move delivered more

Denethor_II2788d ago

PS Move seems to have got higher score so far from the big sites though:) Using your logic, bearing in mind you have shit for brains, that makes PS Move better than Kinect.

T9X692788d ago

Not sure if you're talking about software or hardware, but Move hasn't scored higher according to N4G. Move has a 7.4 average, and Kinect has an 8.0 average.

Kinect Reviews

Move Reviews

ct032788d ago

It's hilarious how you can get disagrees on this site even if everything you say is factual, backed up by sources.

Sackdude2788d ago

I don't see any good game "core game" for kinect.

God luck playing your casual mini wanna be games with a lagy motion controller.

brstmp2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

lol ,.. yes sure Omega4,.. enjoy your eyetoy games,..You know what is precision,.. and what it adds to the gaming??

Ma gonna play some coop resi5 ,.. lololo ,.. Ok resi4 is a better game,.. but I still love resi5,.. lick something round on me,..
then I am going to play some almost to real table tennis,..

It would be much better if they gave you the original wii mote,..

Zezo2788d ago

Delivered what? While I do applaud Microsoft for being a little innovative and coming up with something SLIGHTLY different than the EYE-TOY, but Move and Kinect are still both full of FAIL, Sir.

I dislike them both, and I assure you that neither of these add-ons will ever *Rule-Anything-Ever*

Denethor_II2788d ago

I was refering to hardware sales when I said, and quote 'PS Move seems to have got higher score so far from the big sites though'
IGN: Move 8.5
Kinect 7.5

CVG: Move 9
Kinect 8.8

Engadget: Move 7
Kinect 6

PC World: Move 4/5
Kinect 3/5

This was more of what I was talking about, whereas you gave me an average based on 39 reviews for Kinect compared to an average of 237 reviews for Move. I hope this clears up your things up for you.

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Shazz2788d ago

@ omega dude its funny how you steer well clear of the articles were kinect has scored low

ct032788d ago

There aren't very many reviews with low scores. But unsurprisingly, they are the ones which have by far the most comments.

Fanboy selection bias.

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