Saints Row 3 is 'outrageous, over the top'

Next instalment to keep the fun, has enhanced tech and feel, says THQ

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farhsa20082691d ago

Can't wait, saints row 2 was much more fun than gta 4

Blaze9292691d ago

Definitely agree. Never had so much fun in a co-op game than I did playing the entire game from begennin to end with a buddy of mine. The dialogue and script was rich and hilarious - could not stop laughing. Crazy mayhem weapons and more - that's what it's about and Rockstar forgot that with GTA4 trying to be all realistic.

Bring on Saints 3!!!

vhero2691d ago

Totally agree one of my fave games that year and i am so excited for the sequel.

kaveti66162691d ago

The Ballad of Gay Tony is much better than Saint's Row 2, so if Rockstar forgot anything, they remembered it right after.

I'm playing through the main GTA IV right now and I'm having a ton of fun. You just need to know how to have that fun. But yeah, there are several things I don't like about the game like the driving physics, the running physics, and the fact that most of the buildings are closed off. There also aren't any outrageous NPCs like there were in San Andreas. I much preferred the old lady hookers and the hillbillies.

Jamegohanssj52691d ago

Hopefully it has custom soundtracks for the PS3. If not at least provide me some awesome 80s tracks again.


Elvfam5112691d ago

Cant wait still play saints row 2 crazy ass game woo bring it on

soundslike2691d ago

stop talking about games a year ahead


soon they'll be hyping up new shoes years in advance.."YOU AINT SEEN NIKEZ LIKE THESE!!!

coming 2020"

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The story is too old to be commented.