PCWorld: Microsoft Kinect Review

Intrepid but flawed, Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensor for Xbox 360 offers true controller-free gaming at a reasonable price, but suffers from serious accuracy and tracking issues.

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The-Tentacle2727d ago

"Of course the question all this raises is why anyone would want to wave their hands around and take twice as long to do what they already can--with greater accuracy and speed--using a gamepad or remote control. The answer is they wouldn't."

Mr_Bun2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

It seems most sites are giving the hardware an average of 7/10 generously adding marks for "potential"

I'd also love to know why so many sites aren't posting scores...there are 6 on the front page of N4G right now with no score:
Kotaku, Destructoid, MSNBC, ARS, 360A, etc

ozstar2727d ago

In all fairness, the Wii got hype reviews and potential PR also, BUT then we didn't know then what we know now.

nsnsmj2727d ago

I don't know about the others sites, but Kotaku doesn't really give numbered or alphabetical scores if I can remember. They usually list the good and bad points of what they review, explaining each while also talking about what is being reviewed in general.

perfectCarbonara2727d ago

This will be the axe that decapitates Kinect.

Shazz2727d ago

theres been more mediocre reviews for kinect than good 1s so kinda says it all really

Game13a13y2727d ago

reasonably priced? really?

cmrbe2727d ago

All say its bad. Their negative points are really really bad.

Sitris2727d ago

The game sites say it's 'ok' because of the potential. And the mainstream news sites say it is amazing due to the casual nature and what there audiences see.

That's how it, that's how it will be more than likely stay.

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The story is too old to be commented.